What's the policy on having multiple profiles?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Issues' started by MonsterGirlFanBoy, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. MonsterGirlFanBoy

    MonsterGirlFanBoy Senior Member

    See, the reason I ask is because the email address I used to make my profile was Gmail, and I'm
    tying to get off use in google as much as possible.

    Then the was all that crap with Fur Affinity, so a lot of people got their personal info compromised,
    so another reason not to use it again.

    So would it be okay if I maid a new profile on another email address?
  2. Angelus

    Angelus Senior Member

    No one cares unless you plan on using them for foul purposes.
  3. Brandon

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