What are you playing right now?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by SevenforfiveSarge, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. SevenforfiveSarge

    SevenforfiveSarge Senior Member

    Right now I'm just playing Smash Bros and Skyrim. Not too much else.

    Any game that you're playing through, whether a new one or an old favorite?
  2. Naoto

    Naoto Member

    Persona Q mostly. Trying to decide if I want to put in the effort to finish off the Dragon Quest Heroes plat.
    Got plenty on my backlog I need to get to this winter tho.
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  3. DigiGuineaPig

    DigiGuineaPig Senior Member

    Tales of Zestiria. I'm enjoying it so far. Umm also been playing Hyrule Warriors here and there.
  4. Largo

    Largo Senior Member

    DragonBall Xenoverse
  5. Lex

    Lex Senior Member

    I tend to have multiple games on the go at once so I don't burn out on any particular one:

    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters
    Persona Q
  6. Rie

    Rie Senior Member

    I've been playing a couple of games as of late. I've pretty much finished what I started though.
    I finally platinumed Project Diva F2nd the other day, and just finished both Uncharted and Sonic 1 today.
    I've also got Persona Q going, but I've been playing it since launch and I'm only into the third dungeon. It's kind of a chore to be honest. Perfect example of a game I'm only playing because I really want to like it. I go back to it every once in a while, but I can't play it for long. I find the battles dull.
    Up next is probably Steins Gate as well as getting back into Osu! again.
  7. Meinos Kaen

    Meinos Kaen Well-Known Member

    After it sat in my backlog for years, I'm finally getting down to play 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors otherwise known as Zero Escape. Why the redundant name in english? Meh... Anyway, playing it and Chunsoft hands are all over this, indeed. Let's hope that, unlike Danganronpa, the ending isn't socio-melancholic power of friends and willpower bullcrap.
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Senior Member

    Devil May Cry 1 HD. Friend dropped off Wolfenstien the new order, so probably going to tear through that as well.
  9. Hrist

    Hrist Senior Member

    Neptunia U and Bayonetta currently.
  10. 3rdStrike_Ebi

    3rdStrike_Ebi Senior Member

    Tales of Symphonia is the most recent game I've played. As for non-video game stuff: I recently got back into the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. I haven't played a duel with my brother since I was a kid - good to see my old cards again, honestly.
  11. TiamatNM

    TiamatNM Senior Member

    I'm playing Trails in the Sky SC. Probably won't be playing much else till I finish it, which is going to take a long time I'm sure.
  12. Zanthos

    Zanthos Recruit

    Ugh, so many ggaaaammmeesss, I'm trying to balance:

    Final Fantasy XIV
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    Disgaea 5
    Tales of Zestaria
    And Rocket League
  13. DigiGuineaPig

    DigiGuineaPig Senior Member

    Oh hey, I just realized I bought Grandia II Anniversary Edition back in September. It's been installed on my PC and just sitting there! I feel so bad now! ;_; What a horrible parent I've been!
  14. Paige

    Paige Recruit

    I bought a chinese plug and play famiclone. The thing itself looks like a saturn controller and n64 controller mated, and its suprisingly functional. The thing is, despite each game having awful sprite swaps and name changes, the selection isnt that bad. Oh and the last game included is "Rescue Kuck", a sprite swapped donkey kong jr where you play a ninja turtle and have to save your dad, a guy in blackface.
  15. Alexis

    Alexis Moderator Staff Member

    Picked up Nier and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 for 5 bones a piece so been playing those. DOAX2 is surprisingly comfy to play. Only played a couple of hours of Nier, but so far I've been digging it.
  16. Ahriman Gonzo

    Ahriman Gonzo Senior Member

    Dragon Age: Inquisition. The missus bought it and I have literally NOTHING else to play.
    Who knows which anus of tumblr they found the writers for Vivienne & Sera...
  17. Angelus

    Angelus Senior Member

    Picked up Ass Creed Black Flag for the pirates. The ships are cool, but they squandered a lot of potential on the Nassau pirates. I cba to care about characters that only get properly developed in DLC.
  18. DigiGuineaPig

    DigiGuineaPig Senior Member

    I like when the crew sings.
  19. Largo

    Largo Senior Member

    Now playing Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, a somewhat disappointing installment in the series.
  20. WB1c_Marathon

    WB1c_Marathon Well-Known Member

    Dragon Quest Heroes, and maybe some Corpse Party later. I'm kinda burnt out on video games atm.