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Discussion in 'Feedback and Issues' started by Ceci, May 30, 2016.

  1. Ceci

    Ceci Well-Known Member

    I remember the last Niche Gamer updatethingmadoo about having user reviews. Wonder if there any updates on this?

    I want to start reviewing my Chinese cartoon games and anime tiddie figures.
  2. Heavily Augmented

    Heavily Augmented Senior Member

    They didn't give a specific date from the update article though I do remember Brandon tweeting at one point or another that they should be updating the site with the new features like the user reviews around Summer (again, sadly can't find specific tweet however).

    Update article: Niche Gamer March 2016 Patreon Update and 2015 Recap - Niche Gamer
  3. ChaoGuy2006

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    User reviews / scores also bring up some minor issues.

    What do you do to prevent bots or similar from boosting up a games score?
    Sure Niche isn't the forefront that every dev wants praise from (for now), but eventually Niche will get big enough where their opinion correlates with a game getting noticeably more or less money. Not to mention with Niche firmly on the side of free-speech, it'll gain it a lot of enemies (daring to review games that "should not exist") which could in turn mean attempts to discredit the reviewer ("Look all these reviews I got my friends to write that disagree with the reviewer! Niche must be terrible!!")

    Obviously reviews could be marked as helpful/unhelpful simillar to Steam reviews, but it would need exceptional monitoring by the community (reviews would need substance, single sentence dismissal or even praise don't help anyone)

    In addition- perhaps forgoing user scores would actually help?
    No overall end-all number that can be manipulated, and it encourages users to dig into the user reviews (the impulse buyer will quickly grow bored, the consumer who is careful with their money will take their time. Which one do you want the community to be made of?)
  4. Angelus

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    Most fans of Niche games probably don't really care about basic scores. Enjoying Niche games means getting used to forking over $60 for a game with a rating of 6/10, I think written user reviews with a decent character limit work fine.

    The comments in current NG reviews already do a decent job most of the time, and don't really harm the sites reputation even if everyone disagrees with the reviewer. Most of us are just happy to have a community that at least somewhat understands how to review these games.
  5. Daniel Tindall

    Daniel Tindall Web Developer Staff Member

    User reviews is actually something that exists already and is being implemented into the rest of the website. It will be available to the community very soon along with some other features :)