Update To Niche Gamer’s Terms of Service

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    I presume this also extends to anime, manga, and VNs to include 18+ titles? If so, you and I are going to get along just fine, my friend.

    *Puts TheNecroswanson on "People to request Trump to sic the Navy SEALs on" list*
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    But sir, it's Christmas.
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    I think with everything that's been happening on the forums and comments, it boils down to one major concern:

    Advertisers have Niche by the balls.

    Want to kill Niche? Get a company to advertise on it with decent money, wait a few months until they are dependent on it, then make demands.
    Now thankfully, what's occurred recently would have happened with nearly any advertiser.
    Going against convention and pushing against what's currently established is hard- and much much harder when you need money from people who like or support what's currently established.
    Not to mention finding advertisers that agree with your policies & goals means they'll give out less (major organizations vs. pornographic organizations or people in the same boat as you- avoiding money form people that'll force them to change). You can't shove up Penis Pump ads, and I assume PlayAsia have already spoken to you (if not, contact them IMO).

    I don't envy you guys. More articles could get you more clicks, but more articles mean more writers- who need paying. And if you don't pay them (community reviews/articles) you'll get what you pay for unless you spend time (which = money) on doing quality control.
    Honestly? Talk to Hotwheels. His website never makes a profit- but due to the size/scale of it, I assume he must know some advertisers that'll have decent dough- but are SFW. Think of other "wild" websites and see who advertises on them.

    As an aside from the above, I'm surprised you didn't ban racial slurs earlier. That was just begging for a False-Flag or baiting a harassment suit.
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    Not really. Fuck these "people"

    Edit: and the alt rightists? What the fuck?
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    Looks like we have some uncultured swines who haven't heard of Krampus, Santa's evil helper.

    You heard me right. I'm just as suspicious towards the hard-right dipshits out there, especially those that try to use Gamergate as a crutch for pushing non-gaming-related political bullshit. You see a lot of them on KiA and the_donald.

    A lot of these guys aren't really that different from SJWs. As a matter of fact, I'd assert the notion that they're just a right-wing version of SJWs. Considering the current political climate (what with Trump's election), if they take total control of the "mainstream culture" so to speak, it isn't unreasonable to think they'll start going after games that they perceive to be pushing for "progressive politics". Or "immoral behavior", in their case.

    As an example of why they're concerning is how they excessively harped on the whole Pizzagate affair and the conspiracy theory involving Podesta being a pedophile--They forced it on KiA without regards to the fact that it has nothing to do with videogames. I don't know about you, but taking this into account, they don't exactly seem to me like the type of people who would be up for defending Japanese-made "underaged pantyshot simulators" that I've been enjoying for years.

    Maybe I'm too old for my own good, but I do remember how the videogames industry has constantly been under siege by opportunistic political pundits from both sides in the 90s and 2000s. I'd be a fool to assume that simply tipping the balance of power from left to right would do jack shit in protecting our vieogames.

    Remember, right-wingers have played just as much of a role in censoring our videogames as leftists have throughout the history of games (especially bible-thumpers like Jack Thompson). I wouldn't trust the "cuck"-spamming alt-rightists to not fuck with our games any more than I'd trust the SJWs.
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    Yeah, that's why Mars and not Europa, merry christmas.