Unnecessary Censorship

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Astromancer2112, Oct 20, 2015.


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  1. Astromancer2112

    Astromancer2112 Established Recruit

    Saw the NG article this morning about Nintendo of America removing the sexy unlockable outfits from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water and it makes my blood fucking boil. I don't even own a WiiU, but as a consumer, this is just more fuel to the fire. I mean for fuck's sake the game is rated M! The rating wouldn't have gone up to AO just because of the sexy costumes! In fact, AO takes a LOT to achieve as it is anyway. Where the do these companies get off on telling us, ADULTS, what we can and can't handle in a game?

    At least it wasn't "Fire Emblem Awakening" bad as far as the localization goes, but I sure don't have any hope for Fates. Calling it now: the touching mini-game, incest routes, all that is gonna be taken out of the NoA release, ESPECIALLY if 8-4 is doing the localization again, then we can count on dialogue changes and that garbage too.

    How do you feel about censorship in modern gaming? Do you think in some ways censorship is a necessary evil? Share your thoughts? And just for the record, I am completely against censorship of any sort.

    Also, pics related are a list of games NISA localized/censored/bugged up and one of MANY dialogues from FE:Awakening that was horribly butchered via 8-4.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. GrossMcloss

    GrossMcloss Senior Member

    I hate censorship, that last picture you posted makes my blood boil. As an aspiring translator I wouldn't work with a company that wants to water down and butcher dialogs so much.
  3. AstralFireIII

    AstralFireIII Established Recruit

    I would prefer not to see censorship at all in most games -- but if it's the difference between a game getting released in the West and it not getting released in the West, I will suck it up; I am aware not everyone is as open-minded as me when it comes to erotic content in particular. It's kind of a difficult situation, really; buy a censored version and you're sending the message that it's okay to cut content, don't buy a censored version and that can easily be misinterpreted as a lack of interest, potentially leading to future games not being localised at all.

    This is why I continue to read visual novels on PC as my preference, as good as Vita is for VNs: on PC, you (usually) have the option of getting the 18+ version as well as an all-ages version. Currently enjoying the 18+ version of The Fruit of Grisaia right now; can't imagine that game's story without the sex scenes, to be honest, since most of them are actually pretty important to character development and suchlike. Likewise, when Muv-Luv arrives, I will be playing the 18+ version too.

    It is, however, worth noting that a "censored" all-ages version very occasionally ends up being the superior version of the game: Aselia the Eternal springs particularly to mind here. While a certain degree of the overall tone was changed with the lack of explicit sex scenes, the added content from the PS2 version and its expansions more than made up for this, and it certainly didn't feel like it was "missing" anything at any point.
  4. Mea_K

    Mea_K Senior Member

    All censorship is unnecessary. Nothing should be off limits in a work of fiction, because none of it is real. That such a claim has to be explained and defended nowadays is really scary.

    Failed/aspiring writers who just make things up under the guise of "cultural localization" because they think they know better than the original authors are scumbags who betray the trust of paying customers that depend on their translation. Companies that self-censor lewd content are either cowards that fear the SJW press more than they value the integrity of their work or agenda pushing moralistic assholes that shouldn't be working on such games to begin with.

    If I wasn't such a lazy bum I would've learned Japanese long ago so I no longer needed these people.
  5. Astromancer2112

    Astromancer2112 Established Recruit

    You bring up a good point with that as well. I'll admit I've done the same, when it boils down to the game seeing a Western release or not, a "better than nothing at all" situation, I can stand behind that.

    I'm glad PC still gets the 18+ versions of VNs, or at least uncensor patches a la Huniepop and the like. And as for 18+ scenes, I couldn't care less about the content of the scene, its the nature of the scenes that matter to me. Like you said about Grisaia, the sex scenes have some character development, in which case, since that character development would influence the story, there's no way I could stand to have it removed completely. It'd be criminal to, since it affects the story. But then you've got the handful of h-scenes in MuvLuv that are (from what I understand) almost completely inconsequential, and in that instance, I don't mind getting an "All Ages" version if it's the difference between Western release or no Western release, though I'd still prefer the 18+ version, just so I knew I was getting to see everything the game had to offer.

    I'm just thankful we have a company like XSEED who will bring stuff over and won't change anything unless it's to avoid an AO rating. Though I wish America would just put on their big-boy/big-girl pants and just deal with it, and have companies accept games with AO ratings; this country is full of prudes. Just imagine how many awesome game projects were shut down/not started at all because companies are too prude to have AO games on their systems? Just put the AO games behind an age wall just like M games in the PSN store and you're set. If that were so, we wouldn't have to compromise for the whole "better than nothing" situation.
  6. Astromancer2112

    Astromancer2112 Established Recruit

    Same here. I gave an effort to learning it at one point, but It's so damned confusing. 3 main styles of writing, then you have different dialects for writing AND speaking, symbols with multiple/duplicate meanings, it's maddening.
  7. ConnorORT

    ConnorORT Established Recruit

    This. Mea_K knows what's up.

    I find it ironic that I often see the same people who believe art drives the world forward also advocate censorship when something isn't to their liking.

    This whole video is on point, and Miller's line of "the best way to dispense with the unpopular ideas is to let them roam free on the playground so they can have their asses kicked up and down the jungle gym by the cool ideas" is perfect.
  8. Frit_/x/

    Frit_/x/ Member

    either we start to learn japanes or we start to email the dev/publisher and tell them to fuck off with such a idiotic translation.
    Voat with your money doesnt count because there are enough sheeples buying this translation shit.
  9. Ahriman Gonzo

    Ahriman Gonzo Senior Member

    Problem is it's mainly Japanese devs who suffer from this and I don't think they give a rat's ass. Otherwise, how the fuck have NISA gotten away with the shit they've been doing for so long? Either any mail to the devs is intercepted by translator branches or they genuinely do not care.
  10. Frit_/x/

    Frit_/x/ Member

    is there no way to get in contact with a japanese gaming scene who could take care of stuff like this?
    Someone we could email and say, loook guys, this is what they do with japanese games.
  11. Ahriman Gonzo

    Ahriman Gonzo Senior Member

    I'm sure someone tried that with 2chan.
    They laughed.
  12. Naoto

    Naoto Member

    Its weird because the people they are worried about offending are not going to buy the game anyways. So all they end up doing is giving their actual audience a watered down version. But this puritanical backlash is also something the Japanese devs have had to deal with since the 90s, so I guess they've just decided to say to fuck with dealing with it.

    All it takes is a msm outlet attaching that bikini to the Ninty brand and suddenly parents are freaking, and its affecting their other games. Never mind the M rating. Though I guess that doesn't explain Bayonetta and the playboy shoot. Really thought Ninty had made a turn there. Now I'm more worried for FE Fates than I already was.

    Unfortunately due to the nature of niche games if you boycott the release you're much more likely to have them interpret it as there being no audience, and just cutting off western releases all together. There's no real way to overcome bad localization and censorship outside of showing there's a worthwhile audience for the games that do get through unscathed. As always money does the talking in the end.

    Until then you learn the moonrunes.
  13. Rubycant

    Rubycant Recruit

    This is a damn shame. It definitely made me cancel my preorder for Fatal Frame, and reconsider my purchase for Xenoblade Chronicles X, as lame as it sounds. It seems like the only publisher that can be trusted is XSEED.

    This is no longer 1993, we don't need censorship in our games, much less in games rated as MATURE. Is it necessary to treat adult audiences as children? Welp, maybe it is. Some adults really get their panties in a twist when they see sexual themes (And, for some radicals, gore) in their videogames.

    Then we get to the added jokes, puns and memes. I get it, dajare and manzai cannot be easily translated, and it has to be localized, I give them that. But why take perfectly translatable situations and twist them to fit your humor or agenda? (i.e. Esty Dee, or the GamerGate phrase in Prison School)

    I'm back to learning Japanese now, at least this situation has helped me get back into the groove.
  14. Ice Apollo

    Ice Apollo Anime is HARAM

    Unless it means the game can not be released and sold content should never be censored.
  15. Chk991

    Chk991 Recruit

    Learn Japanese and stop giving a heck.
  16. Kro

    Kro The King of Lolis

    Censoring and changing anything is such a slap in the face to the actual creators of the content. I don't see how anyone could support it.
  17. Bananus Maximus

    Bananus Maximus Recruit

    Censorship is always a nay for me.
    If you don't like it, BLOODY LEAVE IT.
    And if the developers want to give you more options, by all means! But I don't think any region has to deal with only an edited choice.
  18. bigwilliestyles

    bigwilliestyles Established Recruit

    Censorship is never a good idea.
  19. Largo

    Largo Senior Member

    Censorship is a big no-no, this Fatal Frame nonsense being the latest to fall victim, a mature rated game which has blood, horror and probably violence is a-ok but skimpy clothes are not?
  20. Largo

    Largo Senior Member

    Unfortunatatly so, at least in so far as publishers like NOA/E are concerned, good thing there's still Xseed.