The Unofficial Niche Gamer Recipe/Cooking thread

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  1. HeadClot

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    Not sure if this is the right place but - Who here likes to cook?

    If so do you have a favorite food or comfort food?
    Do you have a recipe for it? If so do you want to share it with others?

    I will start with Baked Macaroni and Cheese.


    I will say that I have made a few adjustments to this recipe. I use a half brick of mild cheddar cheese. People with Diabetes be warned this is not for you.

    Other than that follow it as normal.

    I cannot wait to hear about your recipes.

    - HeadClot
  2. Kro

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    What the fuck is this? You don't need to sign a forum post, nerd.

    Also steamed rice is the best comfort food. It's plain and healthy.
  3. HeadClot

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    Steamed rice is awesome. I try to have it with every meal. YAY Rice cooker :)
  4. exolyte

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    You can't tell us what to do, fascist.

    I like to eat raw vegetables, both as a snack and with meals. Easier to prepare and healthier than most snacks. Of course as a self-respecting weeaboo, I eat a lot of rice as well, not every meal though.

    - Exolyte
  5. Voiced

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    Here is my recipe for amazing-ass spaghetti.

    Ingredients & Tools That You'll Need
    • Noodles (I use about a 1/2 box of Barilla brand Penne, but make as much as you want)
    • Ground Beef, 1lb (I like 90%/10%, but this works with any lean/fat ratio over 80%/20%)
    • 12oz Tomato Paste
    • 16oz Tomato Sauce
    • Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Basil, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary
    • 2 spoonfuls of Minced Garlic
    • OPTIONAL: Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheese
    • OPTIONAL: Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • TOOL: Sauce pot, Slotted Spoon (for noodles), Wooden Spoon (for sauce), Colander

    I prefer Penne for the shape, but any will do. Boil water, then cook on high to medium-high heat for 12-15 minutes. Drain the noodles once they are done (you can test this by cooling a noodle and eating it, if it is soft throughout it is done).

    1. First, brown and break apart the ground beef into small bits using a high heat. Salt and Pepper the meat as it is browning.
    2. After the meat is browned, add the paste and sauce. using the volumes listed will give you a thick sauce. If you like a thinner sauce add some water or cut back on the paste (use 6 oz instead). Doing both will make it be more like soup. Lower the heat to low.
    3. Stir sauce until it is one consistency, then season with some more Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Basil, Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary to your personal taste. I personally go heavy on the herbs and add many tbsp of them.
    4. Stir all the spices together, and add the Minced Garlic. Stir again, and add more to taste.
    5. At this point it is done, though you can add some cheeses into it and let it simmer to enhance the flavor, or stir in some Balsamic Vinaigrette to enhance the acidity of the tomatoes.
    6. Simmer for 5-15 minutes if desired, I find it helps make all the flavor more cohesive.
    7. Get noodles and sauce into a bowl and eat!
    Total Time
    ~45 minutes

    # of Servings
    4-6 depending on your portions
  6. Angelus

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    A rice cooker and pressure cooker both go a long way in making good food. Recently replaced my busted microwave with an old, Panasonic Microwave/Convection, gonna have fun experimenting with that.

    Since rice cookers are a pretty powerful machine, they can also be used to quickly cook lentils, quinoa, couscous, and other legumes, and are very friendly for spicing and vegetables. One of the best ways to cook vegetables (frozen ones in particular) is with rice in a rice cooker. They're automatically cooked by the steam and heat, so no extra water is necessary and the rice will absorb any nutrients that the veggies lose during the cooking process (not that great for flavour though). My only problem with rice cookers is their inability to make a good pilaf.

    Would also recommend that anyone who likes carrots, tangy flavours, or any sort of infusion to try a small handheld grater. Carrots can increase cooking times for sauces and soups by a lot, but by grating them into your dish you can add their flavour and nutrition without worrying about them being underdone. Also a great way to make use of citrus peels and subtly incorporating fruits in a dish.

    At the moment, most of what I cook is 99% vegan, but I have a lot of fun with it. Wish my gf would listen to my advice, maybe then she wouldn't think rice is the plainest food in existence.