The "fuck nis america" thread

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Minuteworld_92, Jun 2, 2016.

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    I'm just glad there is a thread dedicated to this.
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    I actually joined this forum just to post on this thread. Might stick around.

    But from my experience, not only is the company cancer, but they attract and keep cancer. There forums are the most cringe inducing environment I've ever been in that wasn't a 4chan thread about best girl or other "areas" there. There's tons of people who would whine on and on about having their opinion silenced when it wouldn't even be the case, and they were basically just self projecting.

    Like, especially, from what I saw, people who frequented the Neptunia side of those forums, and possibly some other sides. A handful of members I remember were beyond helpful to any topic they touched. It's a bitch trying to deal with a bunch of mentally challenged super tards who go around claiming victim status when you don't agree with them and their college level mental capacity. Like a giant safe space for shitting nerdy weebs who drink a little too much Kool-Aid.