Tales of Berseria being Censored in West?

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    Well , fuck them, then.
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    I found the article I was thinking of and edited it into my previous post if you want to see what I was talking about
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    Appabend did a vid on this

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    I ran into the same issue with RPGamer, a site I frequented for over ten years. Once they started shitting on Dungeon Travelers 2 and Etrian Odyssey V for the artwork, I knew it was time to move on.
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    Reminder that the game is rated by the CERO as "B". As in 12+ ages.
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    It seems the guy who did the 60fps mod for Zestiria and some of the fixes for Symphonia rage quit after defending Bamco for the change and the possibility of Denuvo.
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    He jumped in on his own and tried defending two things that people don't like. Of course he's gonna be getting flak. Besides most of the threads weren't as hostile as people are making them sound.

    Also a few seconds of a cut scene can change a lot of things. Especially when its one of the most important cut scenes. The method of how the kid died is actually pretty important for several callback scenes through out the game.
    Imagine if during the Eclipse in Berserk they had changed the scene where Guts hacks off his own arm to get free. Imagine if they changed it to Guts getting his arm ripped off by one of the apostles and instead he laid on the ground for a few moments groaning in pain. That changes the impact of the scene. That changes the minor details that make up Guts' character. It makes a difference.

    Anyways some people are saying this Kaldaien guy was a flake anyways. He's also putting the "hostile" community ahead in his mind instead of the people that vocally appreciate his work, so that's his mistake. Besides its not like someone won't come in eventually and take his place.

    As for him removing the mods he created- he can do that, and its well within his right to do so. Nevertheless his actions are petty and stupid.
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    Wouldn't the mod also work on the Japanese version?
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    Too many words. Easiest way to sum up the importance of scene alteration in three words:

    "Han shot first."

    That said, I read this steam letter yesterday, slept on it, and am rereading it again. The same questions persist. Who is this joker, and why should I give a flying fuck whether or not he can defend the podium that he himself raised at the behest of absolutely no one?
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    Bad news for anyone who refused to get it for the censorship and was hoping to get the English Asia release: it, too, is also censored, according to Play Asia.

    Play-Asia.com on Twitter

    I didn't even understand the logic behind forcing every western release to the censored UK/German release, whichever it was that demanded the change, but now Bamco has apparently decided to force it literally everywhere in the world other than Japan.
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    Asian-English releases have been taking a beating lately. We didn't get uncensored versions for Criminal Girls 2 or Beseria, Moero Chronicles got cancelled...this is getting ridiculous.
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    I've got a couple playasia coupons that expire around the time the game comes out. Will probably import.
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    We filthy gaijins are apparently too stupid to comprehend the brutal death of a child who is important to the main character.
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    Incoming wall of text!

    His "few seconds" quip (alluding to the edit supposedly "being minor") really grinds my gears. "Small" changes like that can in fact change the entire feeling of any given scenario.

    Since we're on the subject of Namco, lemme bring up Ace Combat 04. I personally never knew the cutscenes in that game were censored until I saw it pointed out by Censored Gaming. The scenes that are censored change the entire feel for how desperate some of these characters are. To put things into perspective, the cutscene story takes place in San Salvacion, which is one of the cities occupied by the oppressive Erusean army and the regime of the current Erusean government. The boy eventually finds a something of a home at the bar there which routinely plays host to the Yellow Squadron, part of the Erusean Airforce. What the squadron, and other soldiers of the Erusian military don't realize is that everyone working at this bar is part of a resistance group that listens to everything that the military talks about in that bar and relays that info out to the civilians.

    So now that the setup is done, lemme break down two scenes covered by Censored Gaming and how the censorship changes the scope of the situation. There's a scene where the boy finds the secret room and is pulled in under the assumption that he's an intruder. The girl, which is the barkeep's daughter, pulls the boy away and defends him. In the Japanese version, the Barkeep's Daughter is holding a gun. Makes sense that she would since she, and everyone else in that room, is part of a resistance group that is essentially spying on enemy conversations on a daily basis. So if something goes wrong, they'd at least put up a fight. But in the western version, they have no weapons. It makes the resistance either seem very naive or overconfident that they won't get caught and thus don't need to arm up.

    You can see this scene here. ()

    The other scene has the scope change even further. I'll start with the censored scene first. So the Barkeep's Daughter is running away after getting caught trying to plant explosives. While running she confronts Yellow 13, one of the Yellow Squadron members that frequents the bar. He realizes that she also planted a bomb at their runway too (as a side note: since we see in the censored version that the resistance has no weapons, where'd she get those bombs? Hmmmm). Ready to probably take her in, that's when the boy from earlier pops up around the corner and yells "Get out of our town you fascist pig!" The daughter runs behind the boy, and Yellow 13 replies, "Do you hate us that much?" This is preceded by the narrator pointing out how much 13's face was twisting. It makes 13 seem like he's having a moment of moral introspection, seeing this boy, whom he had a small jam session with earlier in the story, now have so much contempt for him. Keep in mind, 13 could still round these two up since the boy is a kid and the daughter a teen. But he doesn't, and tells them to leave when the police close in on their location.

    Now in the uncensored version, everything's intact, except now the boy is holding Yellow 13 at gunpoint. Now the scene starts to make sense. 13's face twisting, him not apprehending these two, the question he asks. Yellow wasn't just having a moment of introspection, he was also literally scared for his life because there was a freakin gun pointed at him! It even makes sense why the daughter went behind the boy since he was armed and could protect her. While Yellow 13 is most likely armed too (he's in the military after all), he's already at a disadvantage if he tries to pull his own gun out. Back on the censored version, with the boy unarmed, 13 could presumably just grab on to the daughter when she runs to the boy, but he doesn't. With the boy armed with the uncensored version, it makes sense why 13 doesn't attempt to grab her since he'd probably get shot. So our version of this scene just looks strange when you analyze it.

    You can see this scene here. ()

    In the general scope of things, these kids having guns in a world like this shows just how desperate the situation in Erusea has become -- that the people, both old and very young, need to arm themselves because of the war. It's like in The Walking Dead, how Rick needing to teach his kid son how to use a gun because of how shitty the zombie apocalypse made the world and how the civilization is no longer what it used to be. Same here in Ace Combat 04. World sucks due to the war in Erusea, and the very idea of civilization is pretty much dead when live in a war zone/enemy territory. So these "small changes" this dude talks about can be enough to change the entire scope of a story.
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    And that confirms I won't be touching the English release of AC7. I absolutely refuse. I'm sick of the babysitting. Those scenes never meshed with me, despite the emotional gravity of the situation (which was goddamned AMAZING, by the way). It shouldn't have happened. Period. It's a goddamned war game.
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    Eh, I still say wait and see. Keep in mind that this was old Namco, and they were MUUUUCH worse than now (not saying they've completely changed, but simply relaxed their stances on certain things compared to the 6th Gen), and they were still coming out of the butchering that was Ace Combat 3. Since then, I hadn't heard of any other censorship in the Ace Combat games since 04. 5, Zero, 6, ...AH, have come over unscathed. Just keep your eyes peeled for any future news regarding AC7 and ask questions when possible directly to the team. Project Aces and Tale of Team are two different dev teams and might get different orders from the higher ups at Namco Bandai.

    I personally hope if they release some kind of AC HD trilogy of 04, 5, and Zero, they restore the scenes that they cut out from 04. AC fans are a dedicated bunch, and I'm certain we can make a case for 04 if they do an HD port.
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    what does this guy do in terms of video content? that was intresting.
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    Mostly anti SJW stuff related to games and anime.
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    Gentlemen, if we're on the topic of crimes of content editing and the Ace Combat series, then let me direct your attention to the absolute atrocity that was Namco's "localization" of Ace Combat 3:

    Japanese version:
    *52 missions with branching story paths
    *Full-fledged story with a rich cast of characters
    *Fully-voiced VN-style cutscenes between missions
    *Four different factions that you can join at specific points in the story (UPEO, General Resource, Neucom, Ouroboros)
    *Five different endings depending on which faction you join

    Western version:
    *36 missions with no branching story paths
    *Barebones story with none of the characters/backstory brought over from the Japanese version
    *No voice acting and hardly any cutscenes, save for a few minimal text-based ones that pop up from time to time
    *You only stay with the UPEO faction
    *Only one ending

    Believe me, Namco is not any less of a stranger to censorship or content editing than Nintendo is. Anyone that says otherwise is goddamned fool. Let this serve as a history lesson.
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