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  1. CaptainWoof

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    Roleplay, war gaming, board games. Whats your poison?

    Roleplay online with a group, myself. We're all currently getting hyped over 3rd Edition Exalted, the samples of which have managed to win us back over after we all turned our noses up at 2nd Edition.
  2. Landale

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    I used to play Magic, but eventually the only person I had to consistently play with got tired of it and quit.
    Tried to get into D&D as well years ago. Friends wanted me to DM so I went out of my way to get what I could for that, so many 3 and 3.5 books by the end of it. Schedules just never really matched up so what started as me writing up a single adventure turned into a collection of possible chains of events, which turned into a rough outline for a whole damn world eventually. I just kept putting things together in hopes that maybe schedules would finally line up. Never did though, so all that work is just sitting around somewhere in my room.
  3. CaptainWoof

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    Yeah, that sounds like most games I've been a part of. Someone, player or GM, breaking their back over something that either never happens or falls through after a session or two. Usually for scheduling reasons, sometimes personality clashes, sometimes due to players mysterious vanishing into the night to never been seen or heard from again...

    Kind of rough of your friends to catapult you cold into DMing though, unless none of them had played before either. It's fun when it comes together, but usually stressful and thankless your first many attempts.
  4. Landale

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    None of us had done DMing, but having interesting ideas is pretty much the one thing I'm good at so it just kind of fell to me to try it first. As I said it started with me just coming up with an idea for a single thing, if it didn't work someone else would've given it a shot I guess.
  5. Domhnall

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    I've tried to get into a couple of P&P sessions over the years, but invariably soon after we start up the group falls apart for one reason or another.

    So nowadays I just make do with video games based on P&P settings.
  6. Axrest

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    I've been playing TCGs since I was a kid, ever since I started collecting Pokemon cards. At some point I just got bored and thought I'd learn to play with them, and that started it all. Played YGO for years and years, actually getting very good at the game and taking it seriously for a very long time (Which Konami ruined, since I'm sure anyone who follows the game knows they run it like a total shit show). These days I play Magic with a big EDH group, Cardfight Vanguard, and Weiss Schwarz. I'm bad at literally all three but they are fun enough, and it gets me off the computer for a few hours at a time.

    I've tried D&D but RPing just wasn't my thing, a bit too slow paced.
  7. KCPhoenix

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    I've played a decent amount of D&D (mostly as a player but did DM a lengthy campaign once) and have dabbled in other tabletop RPGs like Vampire. I played a ton of 3.5 in high school and college but after college I've had a hard time finding a group to play with. Several years ago I had a 4e campaign with some roommates but after we all moved to different places it didn't continue.

    I tried playing Maid RPG once with an online group but I just didn't find online quite as fun as the real thing.
  8. Hrist

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    I only tried Pathfinder briefly, but it was fun while that lasted. Like, I created a rouge that either did crits or miss most of the time. I follow quite a few TCGs, like Vanguard (so expensive), WS (even more expensive), Magic (I stopped but holy crap am I impressed). I want to try the newer ones but my friends rather save money than join me. Oh well.

    There's a pretty good one on android and iphone. Ascension. I played with a friend that introduced it to me and I also bought the game when it was released on android.

    I'm more into CYOAs, since it's funny and unpredictable. Like there was a Magical girl one that lasted over 90+ threads and I'm still not sure if it ended or not.
  9. Ahriman Gonzo

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    DMing a NWod Vamp game. Currently trying to ease players in-back seat GM is not helping though.
    I currently play in a OWoD Dark Ages Vamp game but unfortunately that's on hiatus.

    Problem with Table top RPG's is that they demand a large chunk of time (a 5-6 hour block) and it's fucking difficult to get a group of adults to just sit down and play. Between work, family and other social things it's lucky if we can arrange a session a month. Plus some folk just take it as a pure social occasion and just yak a lot.

    As my Bday was a couple months back, I did get C'thulhu Gloom & Arkham Horror and I'm eager to give them a bash as it's no something I've really paid attention to before.