Discussion in 'Feedback and Issues' started by Chaos, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Chaos

    Chaos Senior Member

    Maybe it's just me being tired, but I was looking at a few threads and wondering if they could be stickied? I looked for a request sticky button, but did not see one. Was considering it for the introduction thread in off-topic and niche friends thread in gaming discussion.

    So possible to get a request sticky button? or would that be considered too much clutter?
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Big Papa Overlord Staff Member

    Hmmmm, I like the idea but I do worry it might cause too much clutter.

    I generally want to only use stickies for that sort of thing, threads that have very pertinent info
  3. Chaos

    Chaos Senior Member

    That is why I feel a request sticky button would be pretty cool. Members can't sticky stuff themselves, it's up to the mods to decide if it's truly worthy of being stuck near the top. Could also put a limit, only two or three per board.
  4. DigiGuineaPig

    DigiGuineaPig Senior Member

    The forum is still pretty new. I don't really think any thread (YET) is really needed to be stickied other than maybe the "Introduce yourself" thread as of right now.

    I think stickies should be on the backburner for now until things really heat up with the community. For now I'm pretty satisfied with just using the watch thread feature. Of course the more we contribute to the community the better chance we have in drawing new awesome members and lots more content! Then the forum with evolve with those situations!
  5. Puntosmx

    Puntosmx Recruit

    Forum-wide rules.
    Subforum "this subforum is about" threads.
    Introduce yourself thread.

    If it depended on me, I'd already have a dozen threads stickied and one or two forum-wide Announcements.