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    I'm sure most if not all of us have a collection of some sort to raise our epeens with. Post them!
    Judge each other's sweet sweet video game booty.
    Note that I do have some GB/GBC/GBA titles but I don't have the boxes and thus didn't want to go through the trouble/don't consider them as interesting. Also Solatorobo, my favorite game, was neglected to be included because I keep it on display away from the rest of my collection and forgot.
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    I made the digital switch-over ages ago, and my small horde of DS and GBA games were left at my parents' house when I moved out. So, for a little bonus, I threw in a few other treats.


    Cheeky viewers may notice a few Super Famicom controllers in the background, but I can assure you that they are only an optical illusion, and not a couple of cheap pieces of shit I bought for $11 on Amazon.
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