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Discussion in 'Feedback and Issues' started by Neonie, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Neonie

    Neonie Recruit

    This actually got me to make an account. Bravo on that.

    Yesterday, and for as long as I've been browsing Nichegamer's website, the UI design has been great. It was organized. It was clean. All of your articles were lined up in a row, you scroll down very little, you can see every single new article at a glance, and you move onto the next page for more, and repeat the process if you want to go back on the time line further.

    I find the new website design to be a direct downgrade from the previous website design. It's bloated. The icons and text and overly huge and take up a ton of unnecessary space, the the split article feed feeds hurts the focus of the articles and the ability to quickly scroll down and see every article that's been posted.

    It sacrifices ease of use, and quick to browse functionality for a, "Cool new look." That doesn't even really look that great. I actually like Niche's text based articles. I don't really pay attention to the video stuff at all. I've been reading for about two years. But all of this extra UI fluff is probably going to cause me to cut down on looking at the site at all, if there doesn't become an option to minimize back to the old look.
  2. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan He's gonna get it in Staff Member

    Well welcome to the forums. Your concerns are noted, but functionally the pixel optimization is the same, its just we went to boxes instead of bars, which had allot of fluff space, and we opted to take that and actually stick an image in there. It seems bigger but it is actually a tiny bit smaller from the old parameters. But if you want something bare bones we understand and that is why we give direct access to our RSS feed which you can find here
  3. Ice Apollo

    Ice Apollo Anime is HARAM

    I like the new design but the auto plying video could be a pain
  4. Some furf

    Some furf Established Recruit

    You know that big banner at the top of the site? Make it a link to the homepage. I know you've got a Home link right underneath it, but my instinctive action when I want to go home is to reach for that banner, not look for the word.
  5. Jinyo

    Jinyo Recruit

    Just signed up for the forums to say the same thing, glad there was already a topic made.
    I detest this new layout, loved the old one. I really hope you guys consider changing it back because I just can't stand the new one.
  6. Musou Tensei

    Musou Tensei Senior Member

    Yeah I don't like it much.
  7. Brandon

    Brandon Big Papa Overlord Staff Member

    We turned this off. It was an experiment that quickly wasn't liked, thank you for letting us know
    This was something we overlooked and was meant to be a feature. It's done now :)
    I'm not really sure how to make the new theme better going off this. We tried to keep the new theme as close to the old one, while also changing things up a bit. It's the same number of articles, with a bigger focus on video content, and slightly larger thumbnails. Otherwise it exists in the same space/width as the old layout. What specifically don't you like about it?
  8. phoenixstyle

    phoenixstyle Recruit

    I signed up also because of the new design. While i think it is pretty nice to look at, for reading i prefer the single line layout of the old design. (And reading news is the reason i'm coming here).
    So that its not:
    | news 1 | news 2 |
    | news 3 | news 4 |
    but rather:
    | news 1 |
    | news 2 |
    | news 3 |
    I know that many webpages do it with multiple lines, but i find it uncomfortable to read.

    also, great to see you kept the colors in. So many website redesigns out there which just drain all the color and make the page look bland. Really enjoying that you're not one of them.

    Keep it up, nichegamer is still a great place :)
  9. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Member

    The main thing I think could be changed on the new layout is the spacing. In between each "box" or articles, the space feels a bit too big and the page feels kind of empty because of it. If it was just a bit smaller I think it would look nicer.
  10. Dogmentation

    Dogmentation Recruit

    I don't mean to sound like a irrational hater, but my feedback boils down to this: I don't like the direction NG is going. Or went, I guess.

    My complaints are purely personal and I'm certainly not implying they're shared by any significant portion of your readership. Nor am I implying anyone needs to alter their site to suit my preferences, but the new focus on flash over substance, with the video news stories and Let's Plays and intensely visual overhaul...I'm just not a fan.

    I preferred the site when it was mostly text; headlines that let you know about news stories without being clickbaity, well-written and researched yet concise writeups, and optional links to pertinent multimedia content. It's no longer the site I initially discovered and liked; it's approaching Gamespot or Polygon levels of fancy distraction. Frankly, if I wanted those sites, I'd go to those sites. I can and do enjoy reading, and I favor frequenting sites that get the point across and into my brain without a bunch of fluff.

    The last straw for me was the glut of videos (and then the daily videos recapping the other videos) infesting the RSS feed. I deleted the feed, and eventually gave up going to the site completely. NG went from being on my bookmark hotbar to being buried in some nested folder of game news sites, and I only came back here after wondering, for the first time in months, how the site was doing.

    So for what it's worth, that's why this one person isn't visiting anymore, and probably won't be back.
    If you get more readers with Lucky Charms, then more power to you, but some of us still prefer Cheerios.
  11. evilmajikman

    evilmajikman Established Recruit

    I have to agree with the criticism. Things are usually more successful when more simplistic. This should be about creating a community. I really like the no nonsense, anything goes attitude that this site pushes. A lot of more mature oriented gaming sites/forums that have loose restrictions are hard to find. The multiple rows, 1 column style was easier to digest news. The current format just feels like I'm looking at ads. Anyway, I hope things get better.
  12. Brandon

    Brandon Big Papa Overlord Staff Member

    FWIW this current design is by no means set in stone and we are always looking to tweak things. I don't want users to feel like navigating our feed is weird or annoying -- it feels like ads because of the image size or the format (two articles per row) ? Also nice sig!