ITT we post unpopular opinions

Discussion in 'The Edge of Space' started by Lex, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Lex

    Lex Senior Member

    Please post as per the subject of the thread. Example:

    Code Geass is shit
  2. Heavily Augmented

    Heavily Augmented Senior Member

    Anything eh?

    -Half Life 2 is overrated.
    -Any modern multiplayer only survival game (Early Access or not) should go away.
    -Deus Ex Mankind Divided? More like Invisible War 2.0 from the looks of it (please let the delay do something).
    -The PS4 is akin to the Bloodborne: All in One Entertainment System.
  3. Dendro Batidae

    Dendro Batidae Quite the Cynic

    I loved the Bioshock series but agree that they aren't any second coming of christ. The first game plot twist is as subtle as a sledghammer to your balls, you can see it coming more clearly than the Phantom Pain twist.

    The Bioshock Infinite plot twist actually got me surprised in the end, but most of it is "it's alternate universes, I ain't got to explain shit".

    Still love the franchise though.
  4. Rie

    Rie Senior Member

    -Higurashi... I just don't understand why anyone likes it. The animation is ugly, it's the most damn repetitive thing ever (and I know that's the point) and it's impossible to take it seriously.
    -Generation 2 of Pokemon is one of the worst generations.
    -Starfox 64 is just okay but is in no way "great"
    -Slice of Life is one of my favorite anime genres just because they're pleasant and nothing else.
    -Bowser's Inside Story is the worst of the M&L games (I haven't played Paper Jam yet though)
    -Brawl over Melee
    -I like Zelda Phantom Hourglass... and if that wasn't enough I'd play it before A Link to the Past and Spirit Tracks.
    -Moreso "unpopular" due to the high review scores and less about that fanbase's reaction to the game, but Persona Q is fucking awful apart from the soundtrack and the character designs.
    -Wii U is more worth owning as of right now than PS4 or XBone. Will probably change soon enough, but hey.
  5. Gorse

    Gorse SHIT HOUND

    ~Metroid sucks and it's existence is only validated by Zero Suit Samus pornography
    ~Family Guy is a funnier show than The Simpsons
    ~The DS and PSP are probably the best gaming consoles of all time
    ~Pokemon blows (games & anime)
    ~Smash Bros is the most overrated series in all of video games
    ~Most cartoons based off of video games aren't terrible if only for the cheese factor (examples: Donkey Kong Country, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sam & Max)
    ~I'd prefer a Portal 3 over Half-Life 3 at this point
    ~Zelda 1 and 2 were the pinnacle of the franchise
    ~Zelda Wind Waker has literally the worst art style of any Nintendo game
    ~Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan are both mediocre
    ~Cowboy Bebop's movie is the worst part of the series
    ~If you claim Anime is an art style I'll think less of you
    ~Punch-Line kinda blew
    ~If you put pineapple on a pizza, I'll consider you not even human
    ~If you spend more than $15 dollars on an Amiibo you're a moron
    ~Jet Set Radio's gameplay kinda sucks but the rest of it is good
  6. DuckSquared

    DuckSquared Senior Member

    Blinx: the Time Sweeper is an awesome game.
    Super Mario 64 sucks and is one of the worst main-series games in the franchise, the Super Mario Galaxy games are much better.
    Red Bull tastes great.
  7. Dendro Batidae

    Dendro Batidae Quite the Cynic

    All right, my turn.

    Please don't take any of it personally.

    -I have absolutely no idea why people love Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter so much. I find they all bad to average
    -I hated Cowboy Bebop
    -I hated Samurai Champloo even more
    -Space Dandy is the most boring piece of shit I ever watched
    -Demon Souls is a huge turd
    -Dark Souls is average
    -I have no idea why people like Stalker, at all
    -One Piece is the most overrated piece of media I ever seen. Have literally no idea why everyone thinks that garbage is good in any way while at the same time shit on Naruto and Bleach that are equally bad
    -Miura have no idea of what he's doing with Berserk and should just end the manga already
    -One Punch Man is just a joke manga no one should take it seriously
    -Bully is one of the worst Rockstar games and that is to say much because all of their games are bad
    -Saints Row 2 is just as bad as the Third.
    -The first Metal Gear Solid is by far the worst in the series
    -Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is the best game of the franchise
    -I loved the Prince of Persia movie and thought it really captured the feel of the game
    -The Game of Thrones TV show is Xena level of bad.
    -I hate moeblob, I hate harem animes, I fucking hate all kinds of japanese cute girl stereotype. I have a completely different definition of cute than what the anime industry seens to have. Sometimes a girl trying too hard to sound cute is enough to put me off an anime
    -Reading dozens of fiction books doesn't make you smart. If there is one thing that pisses me off is people lifting their noses because they read all Narnia, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings book, as if reading a bunch of shit makes then scholars or something.
    -I really can't understand why people like Half-Life
    -Portal 2 was better than Portal 1
    -I don't understand why would anyone play any Visual Novel that isn't porn
    -All pokemon gens past the first are complete shit
    -Monster Girl Quest have no value outside of porn
    -I liked the new Robocop movie just as much as the original
  8. Raziel Barkrai

    Raziel Barkrai Senior Member

    -I prefer the tv ending to Evangelion than the movie
    -Armin should have been the protagonist in Attack on Titan
    -I think the english dub of Infinite Stratos is funny as fuck
    -The third Madoka movie wasn't all that great
    -Vishnu and the Persona 1 protagonist are the coolest motherfuckers in the entire series
  9. Gorse

    Gorse SHIT HOUND

  10. Ahriman Gonzo

    Ahriman Gonzo Senior Member

    -Attack on Titan is over rated shite
    -/pol/ is not always right...but when it is it's 100% right
    -New World of Darkness is inferior to old (bar Changeling & Hunter)
    -Most people into 'nerdy' things these days really are riding a band wagon and are really that "OMG, look at me, I'm such a nerd" poseurs the chans suspect them to be.
    - Roman Reigns isn't terrible but has been booked poorly.
  11. cerebro podrido

    cerebro podrido Senior Member

    -Playing shooters on console/with a controller is gay as fuck
    -Animu bullet hell games are shit
    -Bethesda is trash
    -Once you get past the hype most JoJo parts are pretty bad, and the art from parts 5 and 6 is really fucking terrible (Battle Tendency and Diamonds are still damn good tho)
    -Can't think of anything right now

    Yo I love JSR but can't argue with the truth, gameplay is kinda shit.
  12. Dendro Batidae

    Dendro Batidae Quite the Cynic

    I thought we were saying unpopular opinions. Everyone knows bethesda is complete and utter garbage.

    Agree. Araki is good at writing fights but terrible at writing everything else. Jojo's plot is pants on head retarded and the fucker is so lazy he retcons shit on the fly, sometimes he straight up forget he wrote something and fills the story with plot holes. Not to mention the forced Deus Ex Machina solutions he comes up to defeat the main villains.
  13. cerebro podrido

    cerebro podrido Senior Member

    I just couldn't come up with anything else :3c
  14. Heavily Augmented

    Heavily Augmented Senior Member

    To be fair, while many people here probably can agree to that statement (including me), at the same time, there still are people who like Bethesda as developers for some reason. F4 did somehow sell 12 million on launch.
  15. Gorse

    Gorse SHIT HOUND

    Is Fallout 4 actually good, or was it just the most hyped up game of the millennium? Most of the fan reaction I've seen is pretty disappointed.
  16. GrossMcloss

    GrossMcloss Senior Member

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are overated as fuck, both decent at best, altough Majora's is better imo.
  17. Rie

    Rie Senior Member

    This thread is triggering me. This is a gud thread.
    Thought of a few more.
    -Tokyo Ghoul was shit from the first season, not the second like everyone seems to say.
    -FLCL is boring as hell. Only made it through half.
    -Eren from AoT is fine and I don't have much of an issue with him.
    -I agree that Metroid is shit.
    -Terraria over Minecraft
    -Chie is worst girl
    -Up is one of my least favourite Pixar movies. I've seen it once and have no desire to see it again.
    -Sonic Adventure is better than SA2
    -SAO improved a lot in it's second season.
    -Galaxy 2 is honestly quite dull and boring, 3D World is a better game.
    -Yoshi's Island DS was a worthy sequel to the original.
    -Dragon Ball is much, much better than Z.
    -i fucking hate Filthy Frank
  18. Seboist

    Seboist Well-Known Member

    While I wouldn't say SM64 sux per say, it certainly hasn't aged well and after my first run or two, I can't stand to play it anymore. This is unlike classic 2D mario that I still find fun to play to this very day.

    As for an unpopular opinion of my own, I consider the original Star Fox to be better than the 64 one(which is still a good game on it's own).
  19. Dendro Batidae

    Dendro Batidae Quite the Cynic

    All right, time for some more.

    -The Lord of the Rings movie is far superior to the books
    -Okami is terrible overrated. The combat is horrible, the ending is rushed, and the whole aliens plot is stupid as hell
    -Call of Duty are atually good games, but not worth the money they are sold for.
    -Dragon Ball Z is a really complex piece of art, but people give credit to it for all the wrong reasons.
    -Evangelion is a shit
    -Rei and Asuka are both equally terrible, chosing from one of then is like chosing between being stabbed in the dick or in the balls.
    -Korean Pop is the My Little Pony of music
    -The terms Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Hard Fantasy and Soft Fantasy have absolutely no meaning since everyone have their own defiinition in their head for what all of these mean, if you use any of these terms unironically, you're a moron.
    -Most Monster Girls are degeneracy levels of fucked up shit, if you like things like Centaur Girls or Spider Girls, you're no better than the sick fucks who fuck dogs. It really grinds my gears to see monster girl fags looking down on furries when they are litterally jacking off to horse genitalia and snake cloacas.
    -I never liked David Bowie, always thought he was a pretentious faggot and really see no value in his music
    -You waifu is a shit
    -Get a fucking life, you nerd.

    I'll post more if I remenber anything.
  20. hina

    hina Senior Member

    My turn.

    - Persona 4 is not only shit but ruined the entire Persona franchise with it's friendship is magic garbage.
    - Persona 3 was just teenagers whining about their life.
    - Monster Hunter is a clunky piece of shit that needs to die.
    - Street Fighter isn't the best fighting game.
    - I don't care about localization, I want fucking translations of Japanese games.
    - Japanese games sound better in Japanese not american.
    - All female characters need to be sexy with big boobs.
    - 40-year old protagonists isn't interesting or realistic, it's just boring.
    - No one cares about self insert characters.
    - SMT Final's protagonist looks like a faggot.
    - Walking simulators are not fucking video games no matter how hard you try to make it into one.
    - Mainstream anime such as One Piece is garbage.
    - The Shonen genre is boring.
    - Realistic video games are the worst ones.
    - If you support censorship then you should kill yourself.