Guilty Pleasure Series

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  1. HometownFever

    HometownFever Senior Member

    An anime or manga series that is your guilty pleasure. You know that it's not all that good, but you still enjoy for various reasons.

    One of mine would be Medaka Box.

    I enjoy all the different quirks each character has. Even though a lot of the characters in the series had "fuck you I'm broken" powers, they were still pretty interesting. The ending was simple, yet satisfying.
    I'm still considering if I should get that Jump Star Victory game just to play as Medaka.
  2. Ice Apollo

    Ice Apollo Anime is HARAM

    I all ways felt like I missed the train for medaka box but unique powers are a thing that i love
  3. DynastyStar

    DynastyStar Recruit

    Seikon no Qwaser. I do think that its a good show butttt... I have trouble recommending it to people because its a VERY specific niche. I laughed my ass off through the majority of Seikon no Qwaser I(fuck II) and I like alot of the themes(ie. the use of chemistry to gain a tactical advantage over the opponant in battle and other chemistry nuances like when one of the antagonists has the ability to control sodium and combusts the sodium inside of other peoples' bodies to kill them). I liked the plot too.
  4. NatureAndStuff

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    Currently I am watching Dadadadan, I know the writing is absurd, the characters seem flat and it does not take itself seriously, but at the end of the day I end up laughing and that's what matters.[​IMG]
  5. Battlechili

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    Renkin Sankyuu Magical Pokaan I think adequately fits this. I think most people know of it due to a porn game involving Liru, but its a really funny series with a lot of clever jokes here and there. I adore that show.