"Games Are Not Art, And Thinking They Are Has Dragged Down the Hobby"

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    This article is bad and you should feel bad. Let's start and explain why, shall we?
    Art does not equate to seriousness. Otherwise parody music and your very own children's book story wouldn't be considered art.
    This is setting a rather low bar isn't it? I haven't run into too many bugs nor have I had problems running Tokyo Xanadu but that doesn't mean I haven't had an enjoyable time playing it whilst having opinions on how it could be a better game.
    Saying gaming isn't art and that gaming is now bad because of the people involved in it is as bad as having an opinion about a game because of the fans. No, Undertale is not a bad game because of its rabid fanbase. Nor is Sonic. To form an opinion about something based on the people who consume it is poor form. It says nothing about the games themselves or the games developed.
    Play some good JRPGs m8
    Call me a filthy milennial, but one might argue the reason for this change was the fact that Morrowind's melee attacks repeatedly missing enemies that were right in front of you due to your stats annoyed people and Bethesda took note of that.
    Making a game for the sake of making art could be considered a mistake, but this is still a fundamental misunderstanding of video games themselves. When you make a game, you are creating art. There is creativity and time and thought and effort and theory put into making something like Mega Man 2 a fun game. It may not be cinematic or have a deep or compelling story but there was artistic creativity put into creating and making sure Mega Man was a fun and compelling game.
    If enough people don't buy something, that tells developers people don't want it and generally developers aren't going to spend a large sum of money on something that won't sell.
    Also I'd just like to add that efforts to censor games and change a game developer's vision of a game is partially detrimental to "games as art" argument. The people who would want games to be censored are working against art because, if games are considered art, then that means that to censor a game is to censor art and thus damper and compromise a creator's vision. So it doesn't make much sense to me to criticize calling games as art based on people working to censor them.

    I feel like Nichegamer completely misunderstood what it means for games to be considered art, why games are considered art, and what makes games fun.