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    You're damned right it's a rallying cry, and if the presence of users like Musou Tensei are any indication, there are fans out there who are no longer willing to put the concept of indiscriminate "free speech" on a pedestal if it means making our beloved games vulnerable to attack.

    We've been "debating" with these fucktards for years and years, yet little progress has been made to show for it. In spite of this, you insist that the best way of dealing with them is to just "talk" to them, despite the fact that they're keeping their ears shut to anyone that may say contrary to anything they agree with.

    You accuse them of being ill-informed, ill-intentioned, hypocritical extremists that operate on self-destructive negativity while possessing immense control over every aspect of our society, yet you're unwilling to consider the possibility that such traits were the very reason why they were able to possess so much control in the first place.

    You are unwilling to improvise, adapt and overcome. You are more than willing to grant them maximum freedom while ensuring us minimal freedom, all over “principles” that our opposition have gleefully thrown out the window. You claim that this is the result of something far bigger than we expected, but such “claims” are the reason why I'd rather plug my ears and scream "BUT I HATE SJWS AND WANT THEM TO LEAVE ME AND MY GAMES ALONE!". If I don't, I risk getting dragged into petty political feuds amounting to nothing more than partisan bickering, all the while doing absolutely nothing to protect what I truly love: My videogames.

    I've seen videogames being subject to scrutiny by political pundits in every part of the political spectrum; assholes who keep coming after MY games for the sake of pushing politics. What good is countering the current "marxist" left-wing ideology going to do for our videogames if it just opens up the doors for a fascist right-wing ideology to do more of the same?

    For almost 15 years, I've been "talking" to SJWs, TERFs, bible-thumpers, and soccer moms who keep coming after my video games. I've also dealt with delusional "fans" who aren't willing to do everything it takes to counter said assholes for just as long. Do you think you're the only person I've dealt with that continues to cling onto petty idealism and political bullshit while doing nothing to protect our own interests in the videogame market?

    Don't make me laugh.
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    No you haven't. The discussions have always been one sided, because one side refuses to come to an actual debate. Anita speaks in an echo chamber. As does Sheisty McDickinskirt, and as did Jack Thompson. (Jacko, btw, has even come out and flat out said, "Hey, Anita, I tried that shit, it fails".)
    The simple fact that you think someone going on CNN saying vidya is evil, and people at home going "nuh-uh" is a debate is kind of telling to the retardation that infects whatever rotted goo you call a brain.
    The simple fact is, since the beginning, no game has disappeared. No genre has been wiped off the map. The landscape of gaming has not been influenced by anyone other than the people buying, and the corporate puppet masters. Censorship happened, some consumers swallowed it, others went where the censorship wasn't. Nothing changed. D&D still features Satan with big juicy titties and calls it a Tiefling. DOAX3 still came out, who gives a fuck if it wasn't "localized", localization teams suck at their jobs. Oh no, you had to learn to read kindergarten level Nip speak to turn on English. If that's such a huge issue, don't demand Jap games in the future. Put some effort in you entitled whores.
    And through it all, nothing changed. You still had access to all the same games, and the companies that pissed on customers know their days are numbered, just look at AAA sales from last year.

    You are empirically wrong. History has proven it. There will always be dogmatic sycophants attacking your hobby, even when it's crochet. The fact that they have constantly fallen by the wayside is evidence that you are nothing more than a dogmatic sycophant of a different color.
    You are ignorant. You are fascist. And you don't care.
    Fuck off, and kill yourself.
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    I'm seriously going to need a quote on this. This sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true.

    Who the fuck needs the likes of CNN to call vidya evil when we already have fucktards in our own fandom that say the same thing?

    Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. No game needs to disappear in order for our games market to suffer. No genre needs to be wiped off the map for developers and publishers to be afraid of incorporating "questionable content" in their games. Every instance of localization-induced censorship is a loss for us, as it not only did we get our favorite games butchered, it also has served to empower assholes within our fandom who support such edits.

    The fact that you don't give two fucks about DOAX3 being localized is pretty telling. Not every localization company sucks at their job, dumbass. Not everyone is able to afford importing, and regardless of what was on the language options, the fact that KT chicken-shitted set a goddamned precedent that can influence the releases of future titles.

    It showed that it was acceptable to overlook releasing perfectly good titles if it offended certain sensibilities, so now all it takes for SJWs to prevent a localization of a game is to bitch and whine loud enough.

    Nobody has access to the same games if they're never released in their shores.

    What fucking history are you talking about? The history of videogames being attacked by soccermoms, only to be replaced by bible-thumpers, only to be replaced by SJWs, and soon to be replaced by alt-rightists? There will always be an endless supply of "dogmatic sycophants" attacking our hobby as long as we continue to not suppress and drive them out. You don't seem to realize that I'd rather end this cycle of bullshit.

    Since when did being ignorant, fascist and apathetic stopped anyone from fucking with our videogames? Go fuck yourself.
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    I'm going to attempt to respond to less of what you write here just to bring this back down to smaller replies.

    Right, because civil debate and defeating someone with facts never got us anywhere.

    Tell that to university graduates that got jobs in positions of authority. Not all of them got to where they are solely because of their identity.

    You forget that they have both the media and institutions with lots of money to help them organize and act. Project Veritas' videos on the Democratic Party show that.

    They push for it because it empowers them and their ideology, and gives them control over people. You yourself are admitting to wanting the same thing. You really are a sinister son of a bitch.

    Right, I'm so full of shit - even when 33% of the Internet is estimated to be dedicated to porn, and even when Japan has stores where you can buy pornographic content legally. Totally ghetto, dude. Pornographic games do not need to be paraded around everywhere in order for people to search out what they want. Savvy people know where to look.

    A "post-truth world" is a funny expression. You see, back in Galileo's time, he was killed for rejecting the notion that the Sun orbited around the Earth. Nowadays, it's common knowledge. Socrates was killed for pissing off the kind of people that could get him killed in the first place, simply for critically analyzing others' arguments and opinions. Nowadays, he is taught in universities around the world for pioneering an essential method of critical thinking.

    Nowadays, in Western societies, your chances of getting killed for saying the "wrong" thing are significantly reduced in comparison to back then. Yet even when things were worse, when "post-truth" was just truth to people, when "pre-truth" wasn't even a thing to compare against, Socrates and many others stuck to their principles and came out on top in the end. And you sit there and tell me this is just nothing more than "idealistic drivel"? Say what you will, but at least I'm not a delusional, authoritarian imbecile like you.

    What, so you believe advocating for censorship means you're not advocating for censorship? I frankly don't give a shit what you "see fit" here, because what you think about yourself doesn't change the fact you want to use authoritarianism in the exact same way as SJWs, who started this downward spiral in the first place. Maybe you can stop contradicting yourself for five minutes - "I respect and want to use SJW tactics", "I'm not contributing to the problem of censorship!" - you can see how fucking stupid you sound to everyone else here.

    And in the end, you will have helped no-one. Not even yourself.

    Enough of this fucking "deterrence" bullshit you keep spouting. Nothing you have said here is going to stop them - you might as well be advocating for the death penalty to stop crime. Newsflash, genius: doesn't fucking work. If it did, crime would've already disappeared hundreds of years ago. Or if that's not a good enough example for you, how about the Prohibition era, or the War on Drugs? You think those worked out in the end?

    Because the left won the culture war. Simple as that. The international embarrassment suffered by the right has crippled them for decades, and only now are things turning to their favour. With such a large cultural acceptance for any and all left-wing viewpoints - and I do mean any - especially in universities, don't be surprised if radicals decide to use this chance to spread their ideology.

    Oh, fuck off. Do you think pro-censorship countries like China, Russia and the Middle East are pleasant places to live in? Move over to live in them and try and tell me they're not enormous shitholes. Or even better, try to buy a game you like and see if the censors will let you get your hands on it in the first place, or try to do anything you do now without being arrested for viewing "anti-Chinese/Russian/authoritarian content".

    Yes, but the moral zeitgeist shifted. Science was becoming more powerful as a concept as technology improved alongside people's living standards. Back then, they were seen as completely legitimate.

    I dunno, maybe the fact Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League last year can tell you something.

    Not really, just that individuals in the SJW community understand exactly what needs to be done in order for their ideology to be the predominant belief system.
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    Given the cause, the means, and the money, sure. Not by myself, though.

    And at the same time, you'll look like a child throwing a tantrum, and no-one outside of your bubble will listen to you.

    SJWs and communists have been rioting for days on end because their president is considered to be the anti-Christ. Overall, they were either paid for by George Soros, are acting on their own collectively, or are part of DisruptJ20, a literal communist group who openly stated they were going to ensure the transfer of power was not peaceful. People have been physically assaulted for perceived or open support of President Trump. They have created a culture of fear, coercing the masses to not speak out against their actions, by scaring them shitless into silence.

    I was never as bad as these people. They are on a whole other level. So answer me this: do you agree with these tactics? If you were in their position, would you believe this brings you closer to the self-centred utopia you have deliriously espoused? Because just like screeching and hounding down people they don't like, physical violence and intimidation silences people as well. So how far are you willing to take your delusions before someone gets seriously hurt?

    You are making a critical mistake: I am but one person. I was only able to influence what was around me. I live in Australia. Everything I did here did not have the reach I do now. If I was in the States, things might've gone differently.

    NIS America has to agree to the demands for changes first before they make the changes. With this in mind, I have no trouble asserting that SJWs do work there. This is different from me saying all of them are X.

    I've only expressed support for these things. I could not, and cannot, vote for any of them. If Australia were to experience something similar, you'll bet your arse I'll be there.

    What you said is not wrong, but the delusional one here is you if you believe people did not also vote for Trump just to give SJWs and the media the middle finger. I have read many people who have openly stated they did this exact thing for that exact reason.

    No, they're not. The fact you think neutrals and moderates are "right-wingers" shows your lack of understanding anything outside of your bubble.


    No we haven't. Fighting back against these people was something we haven't had to do since Jack Thompson. That changed very quickly.

    And here's the thing about hitting their "beloved titles". Ever heard of Ladykiller in a Bind? You know, that uncensored visual novel on Steam? Two things to say about that:

    1. The maximum amount of players that game ever reached was thirty people. Even with their media friends not disclosing their relationship with the creators parading this piece of shit around, only thirty fucking people ever played it. What kind of impact would censoring this shit make, exactly? The way I see it, the impact would have to be manufactured by the media in order to be seen as a big deal at all, even though no-one fucking played it. So if you censored it, mate, you will instead help the SJWs out by giving them an excuse to squeal about how oppressed they are, because in reality, they don't actually give a shit about playing video games. They're more interested in promoting a narrative about how the world is out to get them - and if everyone thought like you do, that's exactly what it will look like.
    2. It was already self-censored by SJWs. Not even a month or two after it was released, SJWs complained about the existence of a fucking rape scene, and the creator removed it entirely. So there you go - idiots already did your job for you.

    They won't say it out loud because of doublethink. They know what it's there for, but they contradict it with flowery bullshit and nonsense about "safety".

    Depends on the discussion. Though in terms of "alternate viewpoints", you're the only one presenting your own views in this debate, because no-one else agrees with you otherwise. I only put up with you because I don't need to censor you to present my arguments.

    I would gladly debate more SJWs, but they always block me on Twitter. I also don't have a Reddit account, so stop lumping me in with KiA.

    Indeed we have. Do you really want to give SJWs an excuse to say the exact same thing, but with legitimate evidence?

    "Political pundits" have become involved because, like it or not, censorship is a social and political tool.

    This is actually not a half-bad point, so allow me to be more specific for you. When I say "underground", I don't necessarily mean losing their jobs. I'm more talking about self-censoring themselves to avoid trouble until it's okay to express their views again, and they'll only do that if they keep rising to the top.
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    Actually answer my question. Why do you hate them for doing what you would do to them if given the chance? Shouldn't it be "fair game" if you both agree to a shit-flinging contest? You remind me of that image of a feminist shoveling shit over a wall, and then screaming "OPPRESSION!" when the other side of the wall flung shit back.

    I was using "insanity" colloquially. And your argument is stupid - if I say, for example, that the Earth goes around the Sun, and I tell this to everyone even if they disagree with me, am I therefore insane because I keep saying it? No, it means I'm simply sticking to my guns.

    Prison School received unanimous flak from all sides for making a crappy political jab at GamerGate, Anime Feminist was overwhelmingly seen negatively by the anime fandom, and that one rapper who says "anime characters are just white people" was humiliated by weebs and people with a sense of humour on Twitter. Count on it - if anime receives its own GamerGate proper, we'll unite.

    Or, alternatively, let them censor each other and praise kek while you watch.

    Did you read what I posted? They didn't condemn tone-policing, they did the tone-policing. It's how they keep each other in check. What they condemned was my "sexist language".

    Like I said - capitulation. If they present themselves as the majority, they increase their chances of getting people to comply with them.

    Too bad it won't.

    Mate, I don't write in all-caps and change my text to red like you do. I'm not "triggered", just baffled by your autism.

    Nope. I know we aren't. But since you like to constantly misrepresent my arguments, I don't feel the need to tell you that again.



    No, not "semantics". You said I converted away from feminism. You implied I converted into something else. So tell me what exactly I "converted" into.

    It works because people let them walk on top of them. SJWs will not let you do that to them without a fight.

    Well, sorry, then, I'm just going to ignore the rest of what you wrote if you're not interested in acknowledging facts.

    How the hell did you get such a retarded interpretation out of what I said? Reread what I wrote.

    Hahahaha, god, you really like to equate me to a preacher, don't you? Lemme tell you something that's of interest to you: before GamerGate, I gave no fuck about politics. At all. So what do you think got me to engage with it?

    You overestimate what a single person with only 150+ subscribers can do.
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    Read past the first sentence and you'll see what I'm "babbling about".

    That's because either they were scared into self-censorship, don't care, or they're already following your example with a flipped agenda. Your example is immature and stupid - that's why you won't get anywhere.

    No, what it means is we need to get better at sending the message we want. Do you know one good way to do that? By voting with your wallet, which means we have to stop buying games with censorship on them, and vocally tell companies that's why you're not buying it. Why do you think the Baldur's Gate expansion was altered after its release? Because they were losing money.

    You're not getting it; this isn't a pissing contest. For the last time, this is going to take a while to successfully fight back against. Your arguments will not speed this up.

    Except time and time again, they've been sucking on Anita Sarkeesian's dick for the past several years.

    Decent analogy, but our "food sources" are different. Yours is their video games, mine is their ideology.

    Doesn't matter what I believe. China, Russia and the Middle East already exist, doing their own thing despite my personal objections. Like you, they don't value free speech. If they did, their ideologies and religion would collapse from underneath, because their ideas suck, and don't hold up when scrutinized.

    Straight out of the horse's mouth, ladies and gentlemen.

    Once again, you mis-characterize my arguments - this time, by falsely claiming my saying they control many institutions as being the same as saying they control all institutions. Dismissed.

    Right back at you. I look forward to seeing your autistic screeching if you ever have the guts to state your arguments in a YouTube video, where everyone can make fun of you more than I already have.

    How; in what way? Most, if not all, porn games do not go for classification from ratings boards. They can circumvent the entire process thanks to the Internet. NIS America had the chance to do the same thing, but alas, because they're stupid, they won't.

    This is true. But considering the PC is better than consoles anyway, I can't say I really care about getting porn games on consoles. And I primarily play on PS4. I and many others consider porn to be a matter of personal privacy - I can't get that with a console.

    Steam is not the only place to buy PC games.

    "Accordingly", to you. To neutrals and everyone else, we've been doing pretty alright considering. "Your" methods aren't even yours - they're the SJWs'. So we already know how "successful" their methods are. And like I've said before, I'm not going back to the same level of degeneracy as them. If you want to, dive into the pool of shit on your own.
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    "Talk" can encompass more than just debating and conversing. Talking on a public forum can also expose people for the pieces of shit they are. Why do you think I've put in the time to debate you? In actuality, by continuing on your tirades, I've been shining a spotlight on you, showing everyone else here exactly what you think and why. Your rallying cries for censorship are not having the effect you're looking for, because you're not standing on a podium preaching down to the ignorant masses - you're locked in a cage being observed by people who are trying to figure out what exactly makes you tick. I can confidently say I have succeeded in showing everyone what you are.

    I'll explain it to you one last time, even though I know you're going to ignore it because "eww, politics!". The political left won the culture war. Radicals used that to get into universities. They produced blind followers and taught them how to be activists. Rinse and repeat.

    is where they got their power from - universities are the epicentre of our future and provides signs of the direction it'll head towards. If I engage SJWs dogmatically, I will not get anywhere, because they do not respond positively to shit being flung back at them. At the same time, all I'll be doing is exposing how stupid I truly would be. No-one will take anything I say seriously, and will be promptly ignored. The Ralph Retort is the perfect example of this. If anyone is unwilling to see something wrong with current tactics, you are that person, as I've already stated.

    And after fifteen years, can you confidently say your methods have gotten you anywhere closer to your goal? What have you achieved as an individual? Which games have you successfully censored? How many people believe your methods work? How many people follow your example?

    You have gotten nowhere, with anyone. You have achieved nothing. You are a true failure - you can't even prove your methods work for your agenda. The majority of people here, myself included, have done far more, and achieved far more, than you ever will, thanks to the principles that you so openly detest. The one who will be laughing in the end is not you - because even if everything goes your way, even after you drive out every single SJW in the industry, even after you have successfully censored every single SJW game, what will you have at the end of it all? More censored games, more resentment, more problems with companies, and more SJWs who will come back stronger than ever and censor more of "your" games. And that will continue to happen until the day you die, none the wiser.

    You are one of the stupidest people I have ever met. You claim to be fighting to protect "your" video games, yet you neglect to realize that by going after other games you hate for existing, you leave the games you cherish on their own, defenceless, only to be swept up and destroyed by your enemies - all because you refuse to acknowledge where the true battle lies. You have no perspective on anything.
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    Oh, and @grgspunk, cheesedick, no, you can't name more censored titles than we can name uncensored titles.
    The list of uncensored titles stretches back further than the existence of the ESRB, back to the Atari 2600, which featured racist porn games.
    So, yeah, still emipricaly and historically wrong. But go ahead and feel free to continue to tell us the earth is only 6000 years old. Everybody here knows you're wrong and has historical precedent to point to.
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    Fuck it, I'm down. TO CAMP!
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    And the despair is beginning to flow.


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    Indeed - too bad it wasn't done by you, huh?
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    You kidding me? A self-inflicted wound is as good as a wound inflicted by me. I'm elated.

    Hell, no one can censor SJWs better than the SJWs themselves. Remember, self-censorship is the most pervasive and damaging form of censorship there is out there--I'm sure a weeb such as yourself would be aware of this. I'm glad they got a taste of their own medicine--Hopefully they'll overdose on it soon.
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    So, since the usual place is down thanks to the hack, where does GG go for live discussion as a back-up?
    There's KIA (kinda, but not ideal), but also Endchan, and the usual place but with .pl on the end (except their /v/ board is dead).
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    kia will have to do for now
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    What's the usual place?
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