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    No need to thank me, although I do appreciate it. I've been needing an outlet to flex my argumentative skills lately - I felt for a while now that I was losing my touch - and, well, this turned out to be a good debate to do so.
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    Tbh I think all of you belong in a Keijo!!!!!!!! appreciation camp.
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    Sleep away or summer?
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    Yes, because the exact same thing is happening to us. Regardless, I have absolutely no interest in letting them have the right to "free speech" if they feel that it somehow entitles them to step on ours.

    If you used to be an SJW like them, what took you to snap out of it? What made you change your mind on this notion that censorship of their oppoenents wasn't "censorship"? What made you jump ship?

    I bet it was because you realized how much they risk bringing damage they bring to themselves. On the other hand, how would this ever be possible if they aren't at least able to see it happen to them?

    Unlike these guys, I'm perfectly aware of the fact that what I'm promoting is inherrently anti-free speech. Unless censorship of their own beloved speech becomes as systemic as ours has, they will never realize that censorship is a two-way street.

    Why don't you substitute "violence" with "sex" in videogames to include porn, and see how that it's panned out against the fundies?

    I'm trying to defend normalizing depictions of media for content that is constantly subject to bullshit like age gates, being separated from non-adult content, monitoring for "obscenities" , and having its eligibility being subject to nonstop change by corporate and legal interests.

    How the fuck do you plan on making the content we like being normal if we've been constantly fallen under accusations of being detrimental to society?

    Hell, try to argue the same thing with some of our own people at KiA. I guarantee you some of those dipshits will have no interest in defending porn in videogames/media and attempt to justify writing it off as "picking battles" we can win.

    If I my speech isn't good enough for Steam, then their speech isn't good enough for Steam. I am not afraid to admit it. Whatever downward "spiral" into the worst-case scenario I contribute to doing so is of no relevance to me, because we've already hit rock bottom as far as my videogames are concerned.

    Perhaps my confidence in "free speech" wasn't that strong to begin with. But what of it?

    I actually used to be like you. "Free speech for everyone", as I used to call it. Until I saw a bunch of sex-negative feminists try to rally against Japan back in the Rapelay Scandal.

    What happens in "politics" is far different from what happens in "reality"--There is no greater example of this than the concept of "free speech". Free speech is supposedly an inalienable right that applies to everyone, but people keep finding ways to fuck with it all the time. Exceptions keep getting made to "free speech", certain speech is subject to more regulation than others, certain people have no right to express something that others can.

    I have no interest in letting my speech be compromised for the sake of defending those who attempt to compromise mine. I am more than willing to throw out of the window the entire founding concept behind "modern Western society" if it keeps enabling assholes to threaten and stomp on my ability to partake in it without hindrance. No point in defending a set of ideals and principles if you keep getting excluded from enjoying it yourself.

    In my case, it's not about "giving up" resistance, but rather "adapting" to our situation. I'm calling for changing our ways so we can actually putting up a far more effective resistance than we've ever put up before--Defending our speech by putting theirs on the line.

    You know how long it took for Christians to get as less violent/repressive as they are now? Hundreds of years. I don't have hundreds of years to spare.

    Let's say I was a preachy religious fundamentalist asshole for a second. You know what would happen if I went in one and started preaching against a more "moderate" religious forum/community?

    They would ban my ass. They wouldn't want to hear it from me. They would not want to put up with me.

    If anything, even if I was genuinely fundamentalist and legitimately believed everything I preached, they would treat me as a troll. Even if I only intended to simply preach my perspective of my faith, they wouldn't even believe that I actually believed the things that I say--They would accuse me of simply causing a ruckus for the sake of disrupting their community and treat me as nothing more than a nuisance.

    In this case, even moderate religious communities wouldn't acknowledge my speech as being worthy as protection as their own. Why the fuck do us gamers have to treat these SJW fucktards any differently than we do trolls?
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    Clearly you don't know history then. Christianity didn't just get powerful by simply staying underground, they got powerful because their oppositions fell by the wayside due to unrelated circumstances.

    You don't seem to understand what I'm saying. I don't intend to drive SJWs "underground", I intend to drive them out. You say censoring them will cause them to further infiltrate the gaming industry in secret, but I see them already infiltrating the industry as it is--Our games keep getting censored, but their games keep getting praise and approval. How much else do they have left to "infiltrate" if they already control a lot of the gaming "media" and developer base?
    Tell me, how are you so sure that censoring their opponent legitimizes their argument any further if their argument is already treated as "legitimate"?

    Let me turn this around: If censoring an opposition will further legitimize their beliefs, then the sex-negative SJWs should've already lost their stranglehold on the industry. On the contrary, us GG'ers have already gotten constantly censored. In addition, we've been belittled, reviled, and ostracized by the media/gaming community--Our arguments aren't seen as any more legitimate by the larger industry as a whole.

    So according to you, us trying to censor them will further legitimize their cause. However, from what I can see, our cause hasn't seen any further "legitimization" from them censoring us.

    See where the problem lies ?

    The only place where we've been "legitimized" is in the confines of our own little pro-GG community
    . You know, our own little "safe space", isolated from the rest of the videogame industry.

    Do you realize how delusional and disingenuous this is? We don't have anything to lose by making attempts to "drive" them underground, because they've already "infiltrated" every aspect of our industry and driven us underground.

    Like I said: I never defined myself as being all that different from authoritarian SJWs. The only difference is that I actually enjoy sex and violence in my games.

    That, and I'm not a hipster. Oh god no.

    If you haven't already picked it up from my little ramblings, I have no qualms with using fear and repression to prevent my videogames from getting fucked with. I have no shame in admitting as such. From my perspective, deifying videogames would be a wonderful thing. Our /v/idya would actually get the respect it deserves.

    It'd be a dystopia for them, but a utopia for me.

    If these morons get sent into a fit of rage, then something was done right. The reason why they see fit to rage at SU's censorship yet push for censorship of what they don't like is because the censorship is seen as an exception, rather than the norm, and not every single SJW watches Steven Universe.

    How are you so sure that every single member of the "SJW community" is made up of pigheaded, delusional and dogmatic ideologues as you say they are?

    You know what I think about these morons? A majority of these guys are students/graduates with even younger teenage followers that spend too much time on circlejerking each other in places like Tumblr, Twitter, or Reddit, with little to no experience on how the world actually works.

    They follow this whole "social justice" trend because it's just that--A trend. They want to fit in with their peers, so they attempt to show each other how progressive they can be because it's what's "in" right now. Do you really think the likes of these morons would have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to systematic censorship and "real" dogmatism?

    Absolutely not.

    Then I guess you can also call me anti-free market in that case. If certain games come with SJW fans, then I have every interest in suppressing them with shaming tactics and outrage.

    If otome games (among others) keep attracting "fans" that repeatedly attempt to compromise the very titles that I hold dear, then I see no interest in seeing them coexist alongside the likes of games like Senran Kagura. There's not enough shelf space, and too many assholes in their fanbases for me to risk letting them do whatever they want to my games.

    If there are legitimate non-SJWs that enjoy such games, then they need to take it upon themselves to do whatever is necessary to keep the SJWs in their own ranks from usurping their community. Their respective fanbases need to be held accountable for for the dipshits that keep trying to influence the videogames market for political purposes.

    You know, have them hold some standards for once. Otherwise? Their titles get censored, just like that. That's the way it should work.
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    "A person is smart, people are dumb, panicky animals and you know it." - Agent K from Men in Black

    So you converted from feminism and Catholicism, eh? Good for you. So where's the rest of them? Oh, they're still stuck in feminism and Catholicism.

    You think you're inherently representative of what's going on with either the religious or social justice communities? Bullshit. You're only one individual. While I'm not one to say that isn't progress to any extent, unless you're someone famous or influential person, it's highly disingenuous to think that your conversion of beliefs is exactly indicative of going on with people in general.

    People act as mobs to do things they would never do as individuals. That's why seeing one or two people act to the contrary is irrelevant.

    This is where we fundamentally disagree. I'd rather airstrike everything that my opponents own with an A-10 Warthog than risk having anything of my own getting censored.

    Social justice ideology? What do you mean by this, exactly? This whole time I've been rallying for censoring their sex game because they keep censoring our sex games. You think I have a problem with something that is somehow exclusive to social justice types?

    No. It's a problem that's been pervasive in various political spheres that continue to fuck with our games, regardless of whether the opposition is an SJW or a bible-thumper.

    The only goddamned “ideology” I've been rallying against is sex-negativity in videogames. That extends beyond nice and easy little labels such as “social justice”.

    The term “social justice” has been nothing more than a code word for “left wingers”. If you try to make me believe that this is about “social justice”, then I'm inclined to suspect you're attempting to push the discussion towards the left-right debate--Something that every opportunistic conspiracy-mongering alt-right outsider has been attempting to do to GG this entire time.

    No, I'm not falling for it. This is about our fucking videogames. Take your goddamned politics elsewhere.

    You seem to be under the impression that I care.

    Your passion for facts, logic, and comedy amounts to nothing more than circlejerking in your own “safe spaces” that haven't been subject to their censorship. Nowhere has confronting them directly ever been part of your equation.

    Then I say let them suffer even more. What I'm doing is the equivalent to chopping someone's arm off and making them realize it's been part of their body this whole time despite them thinking otherwise.

    Is that all you've got?

    Seeing guys like Tom pushing for uncensored releases is a refreshing change, but again, do you think what he's been doing is inherently representative of everything that's been going on in the videogames market? No.

    Read my lips: The modding community means nothing. Do you think the presence of modders for FE Fates, TMS, SFV and Criminal Girls is somehow indicative of adequate progress of Gamergate or the diminishing influence of SJWs? Far from it.

    Fan-created mods have existed for a long time, regardless of what's been happening with SJWs as of late. Fans are able to do this because they don't have anything to lose. Real progress is made when the devs/publishers/localization companies themselves get the balls to release uncut games without the need for fans to mod the games, because their business and reputation is in the line.

    That's not even to say the fact that you need to actually buy the censored title and support the butchering localization company's practices prior to modding it—While it's nice that they're letting players mod the Steam version of CG1, do you honestly think NISA would be able to tell if you're modding CG1's Steam release when you buy the still-censored PC release from them? Fuck no.

    That's not even taking into account the fact that the Japanese developers may treat the modding community's activities as either promoting piracy or as a knee-jerk response to SJWs, irrespective of what the localization companies think. All it takes is a few fucking C&Ds to make every goddamned uncensor mod unavailable. After seeing Minori attempt to go after every English translation patch released for their games in response to the Rapelay Scandal, this still remains very real possibility.

    In the face of real pressure (I.E.--C&Ds), modders aren't any more resilient than the game companies themselves. None of them do what they do because just because they're part of Gamergate or Torrential Downpour--They do it because they enjoy these games and can't stand to see these games remain censored. There is absolutely nothing to deter modders from doing what they do if we started going after the SJWs's “free speech”.

    The only time modders would ever be relevant is if the SJWs actually came after them, or companies started to undermine them in the face of SJWs (See above; refer to Minori's C&D'ing of translation patches).

    If you want to give out a more convincing example, you need to name more titles that actually remained uncensored, despite pressures to self-censor.

    Even then, I'll probably be able to name more titles that have been censored than you can name that haven't been subject to it.

    As far as neutrals are concerned, call me when someone from Gamespot or IGN actually explicitly supports us.
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    No, that's actually pretty ballsy if you ask me. They're willing to look at themselves, reevaluate what they actually want to accomplish, adjust their approach accordingly, and ultimately win.

    On the other hand, we keep using the same approach and the same doctrines to dealing with them. We fail time and time again, yet we don't bother to adjust anything about ourselves. Do I need to restate the definition of insanity?

    We keep claiming to hold the “high ground”, when all we've been doing is silhouetting ourselves against the horizon and making it easier for them to pick us off. We haven't been firing back either.

    No, you're certainly not looking at the present if you keep clinging on to your “principles”

    I'm looking for quick, easy solutions? More like effective solutions. I never said it would be quick or easy to do so. Only effective.

    If I wasn't acting for the sake of my own satisfaction, I would've never supported GG in the first place. You claim to fight for “principles” and “freedom”, but you're quick to ignore and neglect that nobody fights for such things unless they truly had something in it for themselves.

    The reason why I'm acting like this is because we as a community have been far too focused on lofty ideological principles rather than actually getting anything for own personal needs/wants, and we've made little progress to show for it. You're far too willing to overvalue the concept of a “principle”, and far too willing to undervalue things in life that actually make life worth living. Life is far too short to be bothered to worry about what others like.

    If that's what makes me a hypocrite, then so fucking be it. I have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from seeing these SJWs crash and burn in the videogames market, while I have nothing to gain and everything to lose from seeing them prevail. I've seen far too many of my beloved games getting censored for political purposes, and I'd be damned if I let anyone do it to any more of my games and have them suffer the same fate for fear of tripping over our own principles.

    If we can't get what we want out of following our own “principles”, then it's time we call the merits of following them into question.

    That's how humans adapt. That's how humans win.

    Try substituting the term “violent video game” with the “pornographic video game”, and see how different the situation becomes. We've been censored, ghettoized, and cast off like outsiders with absolutely no repercussions to our enemies.

    We used to have adult games on the Atari 2600, yet no we have had no console developer willing to allow such a thing to happen after that.

    We've had to deal with countless videogames censored for offending peoples' sensibilities.

    We had to deal with the Hot Coffee incident of 2005, which showed how much the entire industry can freak the fuck out over some nipples despite defending rampant depictions of violence.

    We had the Rapelay Scandal of 2009, which showed that sex-negative radfem assholes can cross cultures and force censorship on countries they never even bothered to step foot in.

    If there is anyone on this planet that deserves censorship more than anyone else, it's the SJWs and any sex-negative pundits that may support their actions.

    What else do we have to lose if we've already hit rock bottom? We've been accused of promoting violence, murder, sexual assault, racism, rape, and pedophilia for over three decades, and we pay for our inaction daily.

    It's time to promote the censorship of those who accuse us of promoting thereof.
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    Part 1:

    Neither do I, but I've already explained to you why I'm not going to do the same thing as them.

    No, actually, your guess is way off. I snapped out of it because after I saw story after story about how vindictive feminists were ruining people for challenging the groupthink, I came to the realization that everything I was doing was because I wanted social acceptance from friends and women. That was the key issue with me, since I didn't have many friends throughout high school. Feminism made me a bitter, angry person over things that weren't a big deal. It was damaging my relationship with my brother, and looking back on some of the things I said, my arguments were complete dogshit, nothing more than ideological drivel.

    They won't care if it's a two-way street. How many times do I have to explain to you that they do not, and will not, believe censorship is a bad thing for anyone and everyone? You are talking to someone who has personal experience with this kind of shit, telling you exactly how their minds work, and yet you continue to badger on about the exact same points I already disputed. Are you even actually listening to me, or are you just using me as target practice to see if your arguments will be correct if you keep repeating them?

    Considering porn games still exist, I imagine it's going quite well already. Haven't heard a peep from them.

    Again, with a passion for facts, logic and humour. If you want to truly normalize sexual content so that we don't have to deal with censors, you need better arguments than "if you touch this, I will censor you".

    See what I mean about you being such a narcissist? "[N]o relevance to me", "my video games" - fucking listen to yourself for a minute. For one thing, your contribution to a problem is absolutely of relevance to you, as it is for anyone responsible for anything. Quit your asinine denial of responsibility.

    What of it? Well, how about that it helps explain why your arguments ended up like this?

    So a Scorched Earth approach, then. "If I can't have it, no-one can", right? Your self-centredness astounds me.

    You keep proving my point about how you have no spine, and I'll explain why. You mention how you see person after person trying to control free speech. Right. So what are you going to do to stop it? If I asked this of someone else who isn't being an idiot, they would say to call it out and do something about it. But you, on the other hand, seem to have forgotten what got us here in the first place: SJWs censoring your speech and lying about you. And if you haven't forgot about that, then why the hell do you think like them? "Oh, well they'll learn suffering"; "but muh vidya gaems"; "I actually think censoring them will make them go away" - wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    Fair, but you have not convinced me that your methods will somehow make this process faster. You'll actually set it back further, defeating the entire point of this culture war.

    I never said Christians were as pro-free speech as they say they are. Many of them are more interested in inserting their religion into every facet of American society to maintain control over people and public life. When they say their free speech is being infringed upon by "le evilz Satan-worshipping atheists" that are disagreeing with them, or when they aren't allowed to harass people by preaching nonsense, thumping their bibles and excommunicating people who don't follow their faith, they look like fucking buffoons. In the scenario you described, I would say the same thing there.

    We have to treat them differently from trolls because trolls do not control different sectors of Western society. They are not a priority. SJWs are still going to be in power even if you censor them, not unless you want to adopt yet another tactic of theirs and get them all fired for their beliefs.
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    Part 2:

    First off: fuck you. Second off: I didn't deny the collapse of Rome being due to various circumstances, I was talking about how Christianity survived and ended up becoming powerful. Though you should ask yourself why Christianity specifically took over and not anything else.

    And where do you think they'll go? On vacation? What they'll do is go into hiding, in secret. Hence, underground, away from prying eyes, where they can plan and organize among one another. They already do this, but they'l be even better at it if they learn to self-censor themselves until the time is right, where they have even more control than they do now.

    Yes, and censoring them will make it worse, not better. We've been over this already, so you should probably listen.

    I hate to keep bringing up Steven Universe, buuuuut...

    Who ever said this was going to be easy? The reason they haven't lost their influence is because they still hold institutional power over the rest of us. PR managers, localizers, ratings board members, universities - they have enough backing from the media and other fellow institutions to help legitimize whatever they say no matter how stupid it is.

    But people still listen, and still make their own decisions. GamerGate, Brexit, Trump - those are not the SJWs' victories, they're everyone else's. Them trying to silence and shame everyone has backfired spectacularly in those instances, and we have gained more support from neutrals and moderates than they have because our arguments were better, and we didn't act like they did towards people we disagree with. And that's because everyone else is tired of their shit, and tired of what they do to people. Those same people will think you're a fucking retard as well, because you yourself admit you're no different from those you despise.

    Tell that to other GamerGate supporters who were initially neutral. And the problem lies in our lack of reach, influence and institutional positions of authority. They have the media, the mobs, and the jobs. But we can change that if we are in the same position as people like Tom from XSEED. Again, look at Akiba's Trip.

    You don't know what a safe space is at all. It's so obvious that you're falsely comparing a group of people gathering and sharing information with idiots who shelter each other from bad ideas and to make themselves feel good. Fuck you and your disingenuous argument.

    We have plenty to lose by driving them underground, actually. Not only will they organize more secretly, making it harder for us to expose them, but we will also lose the support from people who sympathized with what we're dealing with, because like I already mentioned, they'll see this conflict as nothing more than people flinging shit at each other. They'll also scream "oppression" louder than ever before, by using actual fucking examples of people censoring them. How can you be so stupid as to not see that?

    Then why do you hate them for being exactly like you? Wouldn't that in turn mean you hate yourself? If so, you really should see a psychologist, because that's really sad.

    I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you were telling a joke before and I just missed it, but this is insanity.

    I agree it's an exception, but for god's sake, how can you not see them getting more and more outraged if it continues? Do you seriously think they're just going to go down quietly?

    Never said all of them. You mis-characterized what I said. I said the majority. Obviously, it is possible to persuade some SJWs to take a critical look at their beliefs and come to a different conclusion. You're talking to one of them.

    As for how I'm sure the majority embody those qualities, it's because I used to talk to them as friends. I used to constantly deal with them. One of them went as far as to be a complete bitch to me, and when I said she was a bitch, I got hounded for "sexist language" by her and her friend. When I said to my at-the-time friend something was gay, he said in response "Lame". He literally tone-policed me.

    Aside from anecdotes, there're countless articles showing SJW after SJW doing stupid shit after stupid shit. I rarely see any of them condemn one another.

    I don't disagree.

    Yes, because they have the power to do so. Whether they succeed or not is dependent on capitulation from others.

    Idiot. You absolute fucking idiot.
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    Part 3:

    "Converted"? When has de-conversion become conversion?

    I'll concede that I speak anecdotally whenever I bring up my own experiences with these people, but I never said I was representing them. There are various different reasons for SJWs signing up to the ideology, and I choose to share it specifically so that you and everyone else can reach some sort of understanding as to how their mindset works.

    Indeed we do. I don't resort to cowardice and spineless arguments just because things aren't always going my way.

    Have you even been paying attention for the last decade? Jesus Christ, mate - where do you think these people come from? Jupiter? These people are indoctrinated by their similarly radical professors and fellow students, who follow a culturally Marxist, far-left, authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-white, feminist ideology. Their agenda is to deconstruct society as we know it so that they can reshape it into whatever they please. The best way to do that is to deconstruct the culture, hence why they go after movies, comic books, and even video games. This is what I mean. The fact you can't see this suggests to me you keep looking at the world through a pinhole.

    Sure, but whose turn is it to try controlling video games? Who has the power and the initiative to do it, right now? Hint: the bible has been in the drawer for the past ten-to-twenty years.

    Hahahahahahahaha, did you just equate me, a classical liberal, to the alt-right? Oh, you are just precious, aren't you? Too stupid to see what's wrong with being a hypocrite, too narcissistic to see the bigger picture, and now we pull the alt-right card. Okay, sunshine, answer me this.

    1. If politics weren't involved in GamerGate, why do you use the label "SJW"? You know, that acronym that stands for "Social Justice Warrior", a person who believes the thing you accused me of trying to insert into the conversation because of my "opportunistic conspiracy-pushing alt-right outsider" agenda?
    2. Why is there a strong correlation between SJWs and the current left-wing political parties? Clinton and the Democrats, the UK Labour Party, even Australia's Labour Party - all left-wing, all spouting SJW claptrap.
    3. What inspired their belief systems? Aren't communism and feminism traditionally left-wing?

    Let me make something clear to you. I didn't bring politics into the equation here. They did. They attacked first, and this is our response: deconstructing their arguments and making them look like fools.

    Oh, I know you don't, or else you wouldn't be arguing like a complete twit.

    Perhaps I should introduce you to a video series I did that garnered thousands of views. "Circlejerking", my arse. "Safe spaces", my arse. I see their arguments all the time and can argue against it, and so can everyone else.

    No scientific evidence supports this position. At all. Transgender people commit suicide at freakish rates even after they transition. Giving people with serious mental issues what they want doesn't help them whatsoever, and fuck you for continuing to believe that despite being categorically wrong in every way, shape and form.

    Nope. That was just off the top of my head. I'm sure if I go digging, I can find or remember more. Or other people can do it, or you can. I know you won't, but still.

    No, but I believe he has a better chance of getting shit done than you do. I also believe he sets a better example.

    I agree that modding does not fix the inherent issues found within the companies responsible for the censorship themselves, but the fact people care enough to uncensor the game is a good sign that we're not alone.

    Already named Akiba's Trip, Eternal Destiny, and Senran Kagura in other comments. I'm sure there are other examples out there, and many more to come in the future. Again, never said this was easy, so don't expect perfect results at this stage.

    Oh my god, you actually think they're "neutral"? Oh, you poor thing.
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    Part 4:

    Well, it's a good thing I won't ask you.

    You are completely delusional. I've given you examples of progress, yet you turn around and spout bullshit again. Dismissed.

    You're certainly not reading what I write if you keep misquoting me.

    Bullshit. You want them to leave "your" games alone, and you want it now. So you resort to using outrage and calling for banning things you don't like, simply because it's easier and quicker to get what you want that way than to fight back properly. Do you ever wonder to yourself why no-one else here agrees with you?

    I'm not the one using language to indicate how I'm affected by things, how I want things to go well for me, and to say fuck everyone else for affecting me and my video games. You're the very embodiment of the GamerGate stereotype that the mainstream media and SJWs constructed out of straw.

    I don't deny I have an agenda in all of this, but it's not like I pretend it doesn't exist. If you paid attention to anything I wrote, my agenda should be clear: I want SJWs to be humiliated and defeated, so that they can leave everyone alone, and stop trying to control everything. The key difference is I am not going to resort to thinking like they do, ever again. I'm done with that shit.

    Don't know what you're basing your first sentence on, but I do find it ironic how in your second sentence, you say life's too short to worry about what others like, yet you're quick to say otome games should be censored just because SJWs like them.

    Dogmatic, unwilling to listen, hypocritical, and stupid. You hate SJWs, yet you think and act just like them. You have no argument to stand on. Consider your admittance to being these things as your white flag, because you lost this debate before it even started.


    "Our"? As in you, me and everyone else? No. Consider yourself excluded from ever having principles worthy of respect.

    And your response is to want to censor them back. You are hopeless.

    The ESRB wasn't a thing back then, and we had no quality control. Porn games have moved on to PC, where they thrive just fine.

    Yes, and we should counter that accordingly. Your methods will not work. Ever.

    I can tell you think you're making some sort of inspirational rallying cry, but in reality, you're not convincing anyone here. You look completely pathetic, an absolute embarrassment to watch as you crash and burn every time you try to formulate justifications for being a censorious dipshit. You are incapable of seeing anything wrong with your arguments and your calls for censorship, unwilling to see beyond the horizon outside of your little bubble and accept that we are dealing with something far bigger than expected, and despite every attempt I made to explain to you why you're wrong, you plug your ears and scream "BUT I HATE SJWS AND WANT THEM TO LEAVE ME AND MY GAMES ALONE!".

    I've argued with fundamentalist Christians, feminists, and plenty of other stupid people in my lifetime - but you are truly exceptional. You are 100% self-aware of everything you say and do, and yet you still don't care. Truly, you are a fool.
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    Sorry for the late response. I have a job that involves a weird work schedule.

    Anyways, back to your regularly-scheduled internal strife:

    Your arguments aren't any less ideological drivel now. Well, idealistic drivel may be more like it.

    While it's nice you realized the error of your ways, you practically described practically every SJW in existence right now. You really think your average SJW isn't perfectly aware of the fact that they're doing it because they want to fit in with their "own kind"?

    Look your average SJW: They're pretentious hipsters that attempt to defy everything they consider to be "mainstream" despite only having a nebulous grasp of what is considered "mainstream".

    You think this sort of attitude is conducive to acceptance by greater society as a whole? Of course not. That's why they look to themselves to fit in, desperate to find someone who they can have in common with, and once they do, they get terrified at the thought of losing their "friendship". As a result, these morons get caught up in a vicious web of groupthink. The fact that many of them are inexperienced teenagers and college students with a lack of confidence in themselves only serves to compound the issue.

    These fuckwits hardly have what it takes to control every aspect of society, but it doesn't take that much to censor a relatively small aspect of society such as videogames. All it takes to is to scream and yell loud enough to make themselves *look* like they're powerful, which they're plenty good at doing.

    They're just as easily intimidated by the mere presence of an opposition as anyone else. That's why I have no problems with screaming back and censoring their fucking asses: It scares the daylights out of them.

    If they go underground, it's not because they're trying to regroup and counterattack, it's because they're taking cover in fear or moping in soul-crushing depression.

    If censorship is a bad thing for anyone and everyone, why would the SJWs themselves push for it? They obviously see something good happening out of it, even if they themselves are the only ones to benefit from it. I'll repeat it myelf as much as I see fit.

    Porn games have been ghettoized, dumbass. They've been isolated from any sort of outside exposure and pushed to a tiny, tiny corner of the internet where only people with prior knowledge of their existence will actually be able to find them. Most online searches for porn and porn games only lead to pirate/bootleg sites. You can't find them in most retailers, as they're too scared shitless to sell any of it.

    You fucking call this "doing well"? You are full of shit, you know that?

    Look past your own idealistic drivel for once. We live in a post-truth world where "facts", "logic" and "humor" are actively rejected, where society would rather prefer to run on lies, irrationality, and rage. If you really want to protect the things you hold dear to you, then you need to adapt to the world around you instead of holding it to your petty ideals.

    I'll consider what is and isn't relevant as much as I'll see fit. So do whether I have any obligation to share responsibility for whatever "downward spiral" that you like to babble on so much.

    I'm only saying what I've been saying because my games and the things I enjoy have been constantly under siege by fucktards that refuse to acknowledge that they have a right to exist. I have no obligation to respect anything that they hold dear if they aren't willing to mutually respect mine.

    "Free speech" isn't set by some higher power, it is set by human fucking beings--Imperfect creatures made of flesh and bones that have a tendency to fuck up if you give them a chance. If what I'm saying does indeed bring on a "downward spiral", then bring it on. At least I can find small comfort knowing that the opposition is just as much being on the receiving end as we've been.

    You're damn fucking right it's a Scorched Earth approach. I have no use for a videogame industry that isn't willing to make room for the things that I enjoy.

    How would I do something to stop the control of their speech? By promoting a culture of suppression and deterrence--Go after them for speaking out against you and prevent them and others like them from doing the same. It would actually start with calling them out for their BS, except far more abrasive and intolerant than most would prefer to act.

    Do you think you're the only person I've ever argued with? Think again. I've done this sort of "debate" with plenty of SJWs myself. They get triggered real quick.

    I never forgot why we're here in the first place. I simply realized why they've gotten where they are in the first place: They are tenacious bastards who aren't willing to let anything get in their way, not even the basic founding principles of western society. If I'm so wrong, then how in the fuck were they able to get so far as to control every aspect of society as you claim?

    We can't be sure if we never bother to try and instead be fearful of "setting us back further", you know?

    Yet despite the fact that the fundamentalist Christians looking like preaching nonsense and looking like buffoons, they were still able to control practically many facets of society in the past. From resisting teaching of evolution in schools to passing stricter obscenity laws, they were able to make a difference in our society despite looking like total fools.

    That's why I couldn't give two fucks about whether I appear to be the fool in this debate. The political world hardly ever gives a fuck about whether anyone is a total fool.

    Hell, it practically rewards the one who's willing to be foolish.

    Who the hell are you to make the assertion that trolls haven't been running the show in western society to begin with? Society gives us laws granting various kinds of "freedoms", only to create an environment that allows them to be stripped away anyway. Even if they don't intend to troll, these fools that control "every aspect of society" that you claim are practically indistinguishable from them.
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  13. grgspunk

    grgspunk Member


    Christianity specifically took over because there wasn't anything else to take over. The Roman Empire's own pagan religion had incorporated over 200 deities, many taken from other religions, and by that time, nobody believed in any of it any more. Couple that with the collapse of the Roman Empire that happened almost simultaneously, there wasn't much else in opposition to prevent a Christian takeover.

    They'll cry, they'll mope, and they'll be stuck in the fetal position, that's what. Remember, these are pretentious hipsters who want nothing more than to fit in with one another.

    You really think this is some type of organized conspiracy at play here? No. This is just a massive case of groupthink—They have a massive fear of falling out with each other because they can't fit in with anyone else. Ask yourself this: If you were still an SJW as you claimed to be, would you have had the aptitude to plan an organize a grand plan that involves taking control of all society?

    No. You would've been just yelling and screaming incoherently to make a point. Ironically, it's worked pretty well, I'd say. That's why you got to scream back to the point where you end up censoring them.

    Maybe you should listen to yourself for once. If your experiences as a former SJW are anything to go by, I have serious doubts they have the competence to make it backfire to make it worse for us.

    I'd hate to bring up your past as a former SJW, buuuuut …

    If your own experiences are anything worth listening to, there's no way they're capable of holding that much real institutional power. All it is is a case of intimidation resulting from a shit-ton of yelling and screaming with little, if no real power to show for.

    Most PR managers, localizers, ratings board members, and universities are simply doing whatever it is that they perceive to be “progressive” so they avoid provoking a backlash. That's even true of the gaming “media” outlets. After all, they wouldn't want a backlash from their beloved SJW “friends”, now would they?

    You think I believe that a company like NISA is made up of nothing but SJWs? Fuck no! They wouldn't localize half the shit they've brought over these past 13 years if they were. It's just that they've started to censor games like Mugen Souls or Criminal Girls because they're afraid that they might offend peoples' sensibilities since they've become more aware of the SJWs in their modern form in recent years.

    I see it all the time in the weeb community. People who otherwise aren't easily offended push for and/or support localization-induced censorship because there's a few “fans” in the mix that genuinely opposed to it. They think those naysayers are indicative of the “mainstream” or the SJW plague, and the SJWs revel in creating this image, despite being nowhere near as powerful as they try to make themselves out to be.

    Most of this shit that's been happening to our Japanese games are a result of self-censorship, born out of fear of a backlash, rather than a real one.

    Trump and Brexit are your victories, not mine. They were the result of years of anxiety that had been provoked by slow economic growth, then exacerbated by a resurgence of uneducated retards with nationalistic egos and a propensity to believe conspiracy theories over factual information. Those issues were the result of something that has been brewing for almost a decade now—If you think the recent “media war” spearheaded by SJWs or the recent rise in millennial tumblrina SJWs is what caused this, you're fucking delusional. It's far more complex than that.

    That's all I have to say as far as “greater politics” are concerned. These “neutrals” you speak of are mostly right-wingers who're far more interested in political discussions like Trump and Brexit as opposed to defending videogames or ethics in games journalism. They simply saw that our opponents happened to be SJWs, and they barged in thinking we'd support any cause that supports fighting SJWs, regardless of whether they have anything to do with videogames or not. They've hardly contributed anything worthwhile.

    Neither Trump nor Brexit has any relevance to protecting my videogames. I have no interest in such petty political discussions.

    Then why do you think we're so fucking alone in the first place? It's because we've been too scared to climb out of our own comfort zone, fight back against these SJW clowns and hit them where it hurts: Their own beloved titles.

    Do you honestly believe that the SJWs would claim that their “safe spaces” would be any different? How often do you even see other posters sharing a “differing” opinion such as I'm doing right now? You claim to be simply calling them out in boards like this one or KiA, but all I see are a bunch of circlejerking among your own kind instead of confronting these assholes.

    We've been driven underground ourselves. We've had plenty of shit flung at ourselves. We've been using actual examples of people censoring them. It's already difficult enough to attract support from sympathizers without having to have our cause derailed by political pundits.

    You see us organizing secretly? Fuck no. Driving them underground implies that they also lose control of all the “institutional power” that you claim they have. If we can't even get over our own disarray with being driven underground, I see absolutely no reason why the SJWs can't end up the same way.

    I already told you that their tenacity and low tolerance for bullshit was worthy of respect. I just merely said that we can actually stand to be more like them. That doesn't exactly sound like someone who hates himself, does it?

    It sounds like someone who's willing to be open-minded enough to learn from others. Even if it's from the SJWs themselves.

    Perhaps you should actually look over the definition of “insanity”:

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

    I'm what I'm doing is insanity, then why would I be saying that we stop applying the same “principles” that have continued to fail us, and instead actually try to learn from our enemies for once?
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  14. grgspunk

    grgspunk Member


    You're right. I expect them to get more and more outraged, and no, I don't expect them to go down quietly. What I also expect is that they put themselves in complete disarray. Regardless of what you might think, some within the SJWs circles might disagree with whether opposition to the censorship of their own titles is truly justified, earning massive outrage from their own SJW “peers” for supposedly betraying their “cause”.

    Take a look at our weeb/gaming “fandom”. Do you think being on the receiving end of censorship has brought us closer together? Fat chance.

    Just look at any anime/manga/VN/JRPG forum whenever there's some sort of sort of censorship issue going on. You think everyone will be in agreement about whether the censorship was bad and could've been avoided? Fuck no.

    You'll see people going at each others' throats because they not everyone agrees with the merits of the censorship in question.

    Everyone has their reasons for supporting/opposing censorship, and people rarely ever find themselves in full agreement over the issue. Some people are more tolerant of censorship than others, even if they don't oppose the content. Some will change their minds and realize they're the victims of what they've been preaching. Others will become more hard line against it. Others just won't care.

    Needless to say, when a fandom argues over censorship, it causes chaos, resentment, and yes, despair.

    The SJWs are no less susceptible to such internal disorder as us weebs are.

    That's why if we want to stop the SJWs from messing with our videogames market, we've got to censor the fuck out of them, because that's the only way we'll provoke them into tearing each other apart.

    Let the salt and despair flow.

    Do you not read what you post? You claim that they rarely condemn one another, yet you just said they've tone-policed you for saying something that didn't stroke her fragile ego when you used to be an SJW.

    Don't you get it? Calling out tone-policing is their way of condemning one another. They do this shit to each other all the time.

    No, they hardly have much power to begin with—They can only create the perception that they have the power to do so. That is something that self-censoring devs/publishers have been falling for all the goddamned time.

    Regardless, if eliminating/censoring them can at least reduce this perception of power, then I'm all for it.

    Awww, did I trigger you? Do you fucking believe that all gamers/weebs are in it together? Are you really delusional as to believe that every single person in our fandom is willing to accept the fact that the SJWs have been causing harm to our industry?

    No, it's perfectly obvious that some of these “fans” are actively part of the threat.

    Look at the anime/JRPG fandom as a good example. How many “fans” have you seen pushing for censoring various fanservice/moe/loli titles that many of us enjoy, accusing us of being “creeps”, “perverts”, "rapists" or “pedophiles” while simultaneously schlicking over their equally trashy BL/otome titles?

    It's pretty evident that many people within our fandom prefer to cut out some of the “other fans”, be it due to either being SJWs themselves, or simply out of fear of embarrassment/backlash. I'm willing to put up with none of these fucktards. I'm actually willing to say that we need less fans, not more.

    And by “less fans”, I MEAN THEM.

    If I can't enjoy my fanservice/moe/loli titles, then I see absolutely no reason to allow them to enjoy their precious BL/otome titles. If such titles keep attracting “fans” that continue to threaten the titles I enjoy, then I'll consider the BL/otome titles themselves to be part of the threat.

    If you or anyone else also happen to be a fan of such titles, then it's obvious you've failed to keep the pro-censorship dipshits in your own communities at bay.

    Mere semantics. You know exactly what I meant.

    Well, guess what? I already know how their mindset works, and it seems to work pretty damned well—If it didn't, they wouldn't seem as powerful as you claim them to be. That's why I've been saying we actually have a thing to learn from them.

    I'm not dragging myself into getting involved with a goddamned partisan left-right debate. You claim they're indoctrinated by a culturally Marxist, far-left, authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-white, feminist ideology, while these fucking SJWs often claim to be victims of a fascist, right-wing, authoritarian, ultranationalist, racist anti-feminist ideology. There's a lot of he-said-she-said that goes on in “politics”, and I've got tolerance for none of it.

    You can choose to have your petty, 24/7 media-driven, political bitchfest among yourselves. I'm driving SJW asses out of my videogame/weeb market and nothing else.

    Even if they are going after my videogames out of a desire to push their own politics, I'm not going to risk getting distracted into getting involved with broader political crap that has no direct impact on my videogames, because there are a lot of things that go on in the “political world” that has little impact on our gaming market.

    If there's any political discussion involved, there better damned well be mention of a bill/law that pertains directly to videogames.

    See here for an example. Otherwise, I'm not having any of this.

    Oh, so you think it's a good idea to flip the political hourglass and let all the equally authoritarian right-wingers do the same shit?

    I'm trying to break this cycle of bullshit. That's why I'd rather censor everyone that wants to threaten my videogames, regardless of political partisanship.

    Oh, no you don't. You're damned fucking well trying to bring politics into the equation here. They attacked us, and our response should be to drive them out, not attempt to “convert” their “ideology” and drag ourselves into irrelevant partisan debates. I couldn't care less about their left-wing affiliations.

    So where has any of that led us now? Absolutely nowhere. The SJWs still continue to promote censorship despite your ability to argue against it.
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  15. grgspunk

    grgspunk Member


    What in the fuck are you babbling about? I was talking censoring their beloved videogames, not giving them a sex-change procedure. I couldn't care less about transgenders any more than the non-trans SJWs.

    Even if he follows a better example, it's pretty damning how no one else in goddamned industry is willing to follow what he's doing. That's why you have to look for an alternate approach: My example.

    We may not be alone, but that's not good enough. If we can't convince the companies responsible for the censorship themselves, then we have to go after the titles that inspired people to want to censor our titles.

    And like I said before, I can name more examples of censored games than you can uncensored titles. There have already been examples of such like Criminal Girls 1, Criminal Girls 2, Mugen Souls 1, Mugen Souls Z, Dungeon Travelers 2, Tales of Berseria, Fire Emblem Fates, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Sunny Days, Starless, Family Project, and now Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception--All fucking censored over bullshit reasons that the SJWs would more than agree with.

    There is no room for anything but perfect results at this point in time. Every game we enjoy getting censored is a major loss for us, while SJWs enjoy their uncensored “games” with full glee.

    They've done a pretty damned good job of staying out of the GG debate, unlike the likes of Polygon or Kotaku.

    Your examples of "progress" aren't good enough. Every single time you give me an example of "progress", I can name something that sets us back even more.

    If you want to deal with an insect infestation, you have to remove their food sources. That means you have to get rid of any food lying around that you might very well enjoy if you ate it yourself.

    It's not so much that I don't like their beloved titles, but because they like theirs. Some of them can actually be pretty good if you play it with an open mind (See also: Analogue: A Hate Story).

    I want to use outrage and calling for banning things they like because they use them as an entry point to get into my videogames market and start banning shit that I like. It's not so much SJW-oriented games I have a problem with, it's the SJWs themselves that barge into my videogames market via their SJW-oriented games.

    Not many people are willing to agree with me here because they hold the concept of "free speech" on a pedestal like it were some holy object. Regardless of what you want to believe, the real world doesn't see it that way.

    If I'm the very embodiment of the GG stereotype that the mainstream has construed, then it's no skin off my nose. I'm in this for myself, and I'm not willing to let anyone else stop it. Hell, if we're talking about stereotypical GG'ers, then I might as well argue that harassing SJW fucktards would actually be a good thing. I used to go to the various /i/ boards in the late 2000's myself--We raided the fuck out of radfems, hard line right-wingers and other lulzworthy targets. We drank their tears on a daily basis.

    Even calling for censoring their titles is far more merciful compared to the shit we used to do to them back then. I actually have to give GG credit for getting this far without resorting to harassing SJWs. And by that, I mean "real" harassment, such as DDoSing their websites, hacking their social media accounts, spamming their message boards, making nonstop prank calls, or doxxing/SWAT'ing them and their families, not the Twitter-based BS they've been bitching about.

    But guess what? Times are changing, and we have to adapt. That means everything is on the table, including adopting their tactics.

    I couldn't care less about SJWs if they left my videogames alone. I don't care if they feel humiliated, defeated, or just plain tired, all I want is them to GTFO of my videogames market. Whatever they do elsewhere is absolutely of no concern to me.

    I unironically stand by my statement. I couldn't care less if their games get censored because I'd rather protect the games that I do like.

    And in spite of being dogmatic, unwilling to listen, hypocritical, and stupid, you claim that they have institutional control over everything in our fucking lives. Have you ever considered the possibility that they possess institutional control because of those things, and not in spite of them? Have you ever considered the fact that being those things makes them appear to be tough, tenacious, and willing to adapt to their situations?

    Nobody gives two fucks about who wins this "debate"--Only who actually controls the market.

    That's right. "Me first", because I've already had it up to *here* with being "me last" in these kinds of debates.

    "Your" principles, then, not mine. Enjoy wallowing in your own incompetence and inability to get jack shit done while deluding yourself to possessing the "higher ground".

    Better than letting them unilaterally censoring our titles, that's for damned sure.

    If you think the ESRB is the only factor in all of this, then you're just as bad as the dipshits that defend companies like NISA whenever they claim the "AO" excuse. The ESRB is a ratings board--All they do is put a fucking age sticker on the labels of our video games.

    Regardless of the ESRB, the console makers aren't willing to accommodate porn because they feel it is against their business interests to do so. That means there's a significant anti-porn, anti-sex sentiment in the market that goes far deeper than just a mere threat of an AO rating or the "ideology" of SJWs. It's been nearly 30 years since this shit took root--I see absolutely no progress whatsoever.

    If porn games have moved to the PC, then they're certainly not accepted very much either. Steam still doesn't accept it (at least not the non-SJW ones), so they're locked out of the biggest subsect within the PC market. You fucking call this "perfectly fine"?

    You haven't been countering them "accordingly". You've been countering them in the same ineffective ways for years now under the same irrelevant principles that they couldn't give two fucks about. Your methods haven't been working at all, and you're willing to claim that my methods won't work ever despite never having been tried? Get bent.
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  16. grgspunk

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    You're damned right it's a rallying cry, and if the presence of users like Musou Tensei are any indication, there are fans out there who are no longer willing to put the concept of indiscriminate "free speech" on a pedestal if it means making our beloved games vulnerable to attack.

    We've been "debating" with these fucktards for years and years, yet little progress has been made to show for it. In spite of this, you insist that the best way of dealing with them is to just "talk" to them, despite the fact that they're keeping their ears shut to anyone that may say contrary to anything they agree with.

    You accuse them of being ill-informed, ill-intentioned, hypocritical extremists that operate on self-destructive negativity while possessing immense control over every aspect of our society, yet you're unwilling to consider the possibility that such traits were the very reason why they were able to possess so much control in the first place.

    You are unwilling to improvise, adapt and overcome. You are more than willing to grant them maximum freedom while ensuring us minimal freedom, all over “principles” that our opposition have gleefully thrown out the window. You claim that this is the result of something far bigger than we expected, but such “claims” are the reason why I'd rather plug my ears and scream "BUT I HATE SJWS AND WANT THEM TO LEAVE ME AND MY GAMES ALONE!". If I don't, I risk getting dragged into petty political feuds amounting to nothing more than partisan bickering, all the while doing absolutely nothing to protect what I truly love: My videogames.

    I've seen videogames being subject to scrutiny by political pundits in every part of the political spectrum; assholes who keep coming after MY games for the sake of pushing politics. What good is countering the current "marxist" left-wing ideology going to do for our videogames if it just opens up the doors for a fascist right-wing ideology to do more of the same?

    For almost 15 years, I've been "talking" to SJWs, TERFs, bible-thumpers, and soccer moms who keep coming after my video games. I've also dealt with delusional "fans" who aren't willing to do everything it takes to counter said assholes for just as long. Do you think you're the only person I've dealt with that continues to cling onto petty idealism and political bullshit while doing nothing to protect our own interests in the videogame market?

    Don't make me laugh.
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  17. TheNecroswanson

    TheNecroswanson Senior Member

    No you haven't. The discussions have always been one sided, because one side refuses to come to an actual debate. Anita speaks in an echo chamber. As does Sheisty McDickinskirt, and as did Jack Thompson. (Jacko, btw, has even come out and flat out said, "Hey, Anita, I tried that shit, it fails".)
    The simple fact that you think someone going on CNN saying vidya is evil, and people at home going "nuh-uh" is a debate is kind of telling to the retardation that infects whatever rotted goo you call a brain.
    The simple fact is, since the beginning, no game has disappeared. No genre has been wiped off the map. The landscape of gaming has not been influenced by anyone other than the people buying, and the corporate puppet masters. Censorship happened, some consumers swallowed it, others went where the censorship wasn't. Nothing changed. D&D still features Satan with big juicy titties and calls it a Tiefling. DOAX3 still came out, who gives a fuck if it wasn't "localized", localization teams suck at their jobs. Oh no, you had to learn to read kindergarten level Nip speak to turn on English. If that's such a huge issue, don't demand Jap games in the future. Put some effort in you entitled whores.
    And through it all, nothing changed. You still had access to all the same games, and the companies that pissed on customers know their days are numbered, just look at AAA sales from last year.

    You are empirically wrong. History has proven it. There will always be dogmatic sycophants attacking your hobby, even when it's crochet. The fact that they have constantly fallen by the wayside is evidence that you are nothing more than a dogmatic sycophant of a different color.
    You are ignorant. You are fascist. And you don't care.
    Fuck off, and kill yourself.
  18. grgspunk

    grgspunk Member


    I'm seriously going to need a quote on this. This sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true.

    Who the fuck needs the likes of CNN to call vidya evil when we already have fucktards in our own fandom that say the same thing?

    Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. No game needs to disappear in order for our games market to suffer. No genre needs to be wiped off the map for developers and publishers to be afraid of incorporating "questionable content" in their games. Every instance of localization-induced censorship is a loss for us, as it not only did we get our favorite games butchered, it also has served to empower assholes within our fandom who support such edits.

    The fact that you don't give two fucks about DOAX3 being localized is pretty telling. Not every localization company sucks at their job, dumbass. Not everyone is able to afford importing, and regardless of what was on the language options, the fact that KT chicken-shitted set a goddamned precedent that can influence the releases of future titles.

    It showed that it was acceptable to overlook releasing perfectly good titles if it offended certain sensibilities, so now all it takes for SJWs to prevent a localization of a game is to bitch and whine loud enough.

    Nobody has access to the same games if they're never released in their shores.

    What fucking history are you talking about? The history of videogames being attacked by soccermoms, only to be replaced by bible-thumpers, only to be replaced by SJWs, and soon to be replaced by alt-rightists? There will always be an endless supply of "dogmatic sycophants" attacking our hobby as long as we continue to not suppress and drive them out. You don't seem to realize that I'd rather end this cycle of bullshit.

    Since when did being ignorant, fascist and apathetic stopped anyone from fucking with our videogames? Go fuck yourself.
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  19. 3rdStrike_Ebi

    3rdStrike_Ebi Senior Member

    I'm going to attempt to respond to less of what you write here just to bring this back down to smaller replies.

    Right, because civil debate and defeating someone with facts never got us anywhere.

    Tell that to university graduates that got jobs in positions of authority. Not all of them got to where they are solely because of their identity.

    You forget that they have both the media and institutions with lots of money to help them organize and act. Project Veritas' videos on the Democratic Party show that.

    They push for it because it empowers them and their ideology, and gives them control over people. You yourself are admitting to wanting the same thing. You really are a sinister son of a bitch.

    Right, I'm so full of shit - even when 33% of the Internet is estimated to be dedicated to porn, and even when Japan has stores where you can buy pornographic content legally. Totally ghetto, dude. Pornographic games do not need to be paraded around everywhere in order for people to search out what they want. Savvy people know where to look.

    A "post-truth world" is a funny expression. You see, back in Galileo's time, he was killed for rejecting the notion that the Sun orbited around the Earth. Nowadays, it's common knowledge. Socrates was killed for pissing off the kind of people that could get him killed in the first place, simply for critically analyzing others' arguments and opinions. Nowadays, he is taught in universities around the world for pioneering an essential method of critical thinking.

    Nowadays, in Western societies, your chances of getting killed for saying the "wrong" thing are significantly reduced in comparison to back then. Yet even when things were worse, when "post-truth" was just truth to people, when "pre-truth" wasn't even a thing to compare against, Socrates and many others stuck to their principles and came out on top in the end. And you sit there and tell me this is just nothing more than "idealistic drivel"? Say what you will, but at least I'm not a delusional, authoritarian imbecile like you.

    What, so you believe advocating for censorship means you're not advocating for censorship? I frankly don't give a shit what you "see fit" here, because what you think about yourself doesn't change the fact you want to use authoritarianism in the exact same way as SJWs, who started this downward spiral in the first place. Maybe you can stop contradicting yourself for five minutes - "I respect and want to use SJW tactics", "I'm not contributing to the problem of censorship!" - you can see how fucking stupid you sound to everyone else here.

    And in the end, you will have helped no-one. Not even yourself.

    Enough of this fucking "deterrence" bullshit you keep spouting. Nothing you have said here is going to stop them - you might as well be advocating for the death penalty to stop crime. Newsflash, genius: doesn't fucking work. If it did, crime would've already disappeared hundreds of years ago. Or if that's not a good enough example for you, how about the Prohibition era, or the War on Drugs? You think those worked out in the end?

    Because the left won the culture war. Simple as that. The international embarrassment suffered by the right has crippled them for decades, and only now are things turning to their favour. With such a large cultural acceptance for any and all left-wing viewpoints - and I do mean any - especially in universities, don't be surprised if radicals decide to use this chance to spread their ideology.

    Oh, fuck off. Do you think pro-censorship countries like China, Russia and the Middle East are pleasant places to live in? Move over to live in them and try and tell me they're not enormous shitholes. Or even better, try to buy a game you like and see if the censors will let you get your hands on it in the first place, or try to do anything you do now without being arrested for viewing "anti-Chinese/Russian/authoritarian content".

    Yes, but the moral zeitgeist shifted. Science was becoming more powerful as a concept as technology improved alongside people's living standards. Back then, they were seen as completely legitimate.

    I dunno, maybe the fact Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League last year can tell you something.

    Not really, just that individuals in the SJW community understand exactly what needs to be done in order for their ideology to be the predominant belief system.
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  20. 3rdStrike_Ebi

    3rdStrike_Ebi Senior Member

    Given the cause, the means, and the money, sure. Not by myself, though.

    And at the same time, you'll look like a child throwing a tantrum, and no-one outside of your bubble will listen to you.

    SJWs and communists have been rioting for days on end because their president is considered to be the anti-Christ. Overall, they were either paid for by George Soros, are acting on their own collectively, or are part of DisruptJ20, a literal communist group who openly stated they were going to ensure the transfer of power was not peaceful. People have been physically assaulted for perceived or open support of President Trump. They have created a culture of fear, coercing the masses to not speak out against their actions, by scaring them shitless into silence.

    I was never as bad as these people. They are on a whole other level. So answer me this: do you agree with these tactics? If you were in their position, would you believe this brings you closer to the self-centred utopia you have deliriously espoused? Because just like screeching and hounding down people they don't like, physical violence and intimidation silences people as well. So how far are you willing to take your delusions before someone gets seriously hurt?

    You are making a critical mistake: I am but one person. I was only able to influence what was around me. I live in Australia. Everything I did here did not have the reach I do now. If I was in the States, things might've gone differently.

    NIS America has to agree to the demands for changes first before they make the changes. With this in mind, I have no trouble asserting that SJWs do work there. This is different from me saying all of them are X.

    I've only expressed support for these things. I could not, and cannot, vote for any of them. If Australia were to experience something similar, you'll bet your arse I'll be there.

    What you said is not wrong, but the delusional one here is you if you believe people did not also vote for Trump just to give SJWs and the media the middle finger. I have read many people who have openly stated they did this exact thing for that exact reason.

    No, they're not. The fact you think neutrals and moderates are "right-wingers" shows your lack of understanding anything outside of your bubble.


    No we haven't. Fighting back against these people was something we haven't had to do since Jack Thompson. That changed very quickly.

    And here's the thing about hitting their "beloved titles". Ever heard of Ladykiller in a Bind? You know, that uncensored visual novel on Steam? Two things to say about that:

    1. The maximum amount of players that game ever reached was thirty people. Even with their media friends not disclosing their relationship with the creators parading this piece of shit around, only thirty fucking people ever played it. What kind of impact would censoring this shit make, exactly? The way I see it, the impact would have to be manufactured by the media in order to be seen as a big deal at all, even though no-one fucking played it. So if you censored it, mate, you will instead help the SJWs out by giving them an excuse to squeal about how oppressed they are, because in reality, they don't actually give a shit about playing video games. They're more interested in promoting a narrative about how the world is out to get them - and if everyone thought like you do, that's exactly what it will look like.
    2. It was already self-censored by SJWs. Not even a month or two after it was released, SJWs complained about the existence of a fucking rape scene, and the creator removed it entirely. So there you go - idiots already did your job for you.

    They won't say it out loud because of doublethink. They know what it's there for, but they contradict it with flowery bullshit and nonsense about "safety".

    Depends on the discussion. Though in terms of "alternate viewpoints", you're the only one presenting your own views in this debate, because no-one else agrees with you otherwise. I only put up with you because I don't need to censor you to present my arguments.

    I would gladly debate more SJWs, but they always block me on Twitter. I also don't have a Reddit account, so stop lumping me in with KiA.

    Indeed we have. Do you really want to give SJWs an excuse to say the exact same thing, but with legitimate evidence?

    "Political pundits" have become involved because, like it or not, censorship is a social and political tool.

    This is actually not a half-bad point, so allow me to be more specific for you. When I say "underground", I don't necessarily mean losing their jobs. I'm more talking about self-censoring themselves to avoid trouble until it's okay to express their views again, and they'll only do that if they keep rising to the top.