DN Nice (Dragon Nest Private Server)

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    DN Nice

    Looking for a good Dragon Nest Private Server?
    Try DN Nice! One of the newest and best rising Dragon Nest private server!
    • 99% Bug free Server
    • Official-like server
    • Server located in Canada (Still playable in any country)
    • Balanced Classes
    • All classes have awakening skills
    • Lots of free costumes and equipment (like +20 Neris Set when reached lvl 95)
    • Instant level 80 after character creation
    • Easy Gold and Fast Leveling
    • All classes are available including the latest spin-off class Bleed Phantom
    • Safe enhancement up to +15 (no jellies needed) , Max enhancement +20
    • Drop Rate: x5
    • Exp Rate: x10
    • Gold Rate: x50
    1. Facebook: DNMES
    2. Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    3. Website: New Dragon Nest Private Server,15 job,Perfect awakening´╝îDragonNest.me,All skills, latest career, perfect without errors.Professional Dark Awakening skills,Exclusive engraving system, general equipment, point equipment, armor, weapons, jewelry can be engraved, exclusive awakening, dark Avenger turned, silver hunter turned, dark priest turned, dark Master turned