Terms of Service

Users are eligible for a free Niche Gamer forums account. However, membership is reliant on the user abiding by our terms of service, featured below.


Users 13 years of age or younger are not allowed to register for a Niche Gamer forums account. Membership can be revoked at any time for any reason. The continuance of your membership is based upon the judgement of the administration.

You, the user, remain solely responsible for the content of your message(s), and you agree to idemnify and hold Niche Gamer harmless with any claim or legal action based upon the content of your message(s).

General Commenting Guidelines

Sharing of pirated material is not allowed. Emulation discussion is OK.

Pornography (exposed genitals, nipples, etc.) is not allowed. Due to our reliance on advertisers, we cannot show pornographic material unless clearly put behind an age-gate or otherwise (which removes our advertisements).

Self-Promotion: If you're a developer, indie or otherwise, please refrain from posting about your game(s) unless this is in our Game Development forum. You can contact us if you'd like our readers to know about your game.

Language: Generally, we tolerate swearing but are not ok with users swearing with every other word, and so on. If you continually swear at others and/or become somewhat of a completely intolerable nuisance, we may have to moderate you.

Discourse: When people disagree on something, it can provide some of the most interesting moments in our community. However, we aim to keep things civil, while allowing you to be passionate. With this in mind, please try to keep things related to the debate at hand, and do not lob personal insults, threats, etc.

Sharing the work of others: So long as you properly credit a source, you are free to share articles and or material from third parties. Passing off someone else's work as your own is a quick way to be moderated.


Generally, free speech reigns here at Niche Gamer. We seriously try to avoid getting in between conversations and hot debates with our fans. We are not your parents.

The rule of thumb is that we usually will not moderate a discussion unless legal concerns come into play. This can involve piracy, pornography (especially certain forms of pornography), and direct, specific, threats of a legitimate nature (i.e. you live here, I will come and hurt you, etc).

Threats/Insults: A reminder, we have zero tolerance for legitimate, calculated threats. Personal insults are generally frowned upon, however, in the course of a debate, things may get construed and we'll do everything in our power to continue the discussion.

Due to the real-time nature of our website articles and our forums, it's virtually impossible for us to scan every single message. However, we reserve the right to delete or edit any message for any reason, provided said message contains personal information, illegal materials, etc.

Final word of advice: We seek to give you, the reader, a platform to relax and have a fun discussion. We are not here to tone police you, advertise our own politics, or condescend to you. Our goal is to foster a fun, laid-back, and passionate gaming community. Enjoy!

Last Updated October 18th, 2015